Dentsu Partners with Microsoft to Unleash AI-powered Innovation for Brands

Dentsu Partners with Microsoft to Unleash AI-powered Innovation for Brands

Dentsu’s deployment of Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI provides launchpad for two new client-ready solutions across CXM within a private, enterprise-grade, secure development environment 

Dentsu Group Inc. today announced it has partnered with Microsoft to launch enterprise-wide access to advanced Azure OpenAI technologies, empowering employees to develop client-ready solutions to drive growth and efficiency from the safety of a private, enterprise-grade, secure development environment.  

This latest milestone in dentsu’s longstanding partnership with Microsoft has already resulted in the development of two new CXM solutions. Merkle GenCX, a unique offering that uses the power of generative AI to deliver more impactful customer experiences, and AI Playground LATAM, a regionally-focused set of customized solutions that use emerging technologies combined with integrated audience data to bring more day-to-day efficiency and operational agility to clients. 

The centralized and private instance of Azure OpenAI infrastructure removes the burden from business and product teams, and increases capacity for converting concepts into prototypes and solutions that drive value for clients. Dentsu’s pioneering approach integrates AI infrastructure into existing and new solutions and data sets, mitigating the risk of security incursions, while promoting a deep focus on agility for client growth.  

“Artificial intelligence is being woven into the fabric of our society and represents a generational opportunity for our people and our clients. By extending our deep partnership with Microsoft and rolling out Azure OpenAI infrastructure, we’re making AI resources accessible to all dentsu employees within a framework defined on ethical and responsible AI principles. It also allows us to rapidly integrate GenAI across our products, driving faster and smarter omnichannel marketing for clients,” said, Dominic Shine, Group Chief Information Officer, dentsu. 

“ In the boundless realm of digital possibilities, AI has emerged rapidly as a visionary brushstroke transforming advertising, data and content creation across the industry. In our deep partnership with dentsu we share a common approach to responsible AI and its ability to drive creativity and productivity through Microsoft’s Azure AI and Co-Pilot capabilities,” commented Simon Crownshaw, Worldwide Lead for Media and Entertainment at Microsoft. “We are working closely with dentsu to enable AI to drive business and technological outcomes that will fuel a symphony of ideas, orchestrate captivating narratives, elevating brands and campaigns, and provide a powerful platform for their customers.”  

Given the rapid adoption of consumer grade AI tools, dentsu has made a concentrated effort to prioritize employee access to enterprise grade AI platforms and continuous enablement for leveraging those platforms as they evolve. These technologies are being made available across geographies, agency brands and capabilities through an active and diverse community called the AI Connective, with the objective of sharing knowledge and quickly bringing differentiated innovations to market.