Driving Innovation Where It Matters – JumpCloud

I am delighted to join JumpCloud as Chief Product Officer (CPO), where I will be helping organizations connect securely and manage employees’ identities, devices, and applications with Zero Trust to support the ever-evolving work-from-anywhere (WFA) and hybrid workplace model.

As JumpCloud CPO, I will be responsible for our product vision, defining new products, and creating significant value to our customers through our “One Directory Platform to Rule Them All” vision. I have spoken with the leadership team, customers, and partners at length about the opportunities available to JumpCloud as the core directory provider, and with over 100,000 existing organizations leveraging our Cloud Directory Platform, I am excited to cement that position even further.

Before JumpCloud, I was working at Salesforce as VP of Product Management for all its identity solutions. Throughout my stay at Salesforce, I built long-range plans to define vision and strategy for the Identity and Access Management (IAM) space for all market segments of Salesforce. I was lucky to lead an incredible team to drive and execute this vision to deliver one profile to rule them all for any platform or substrate Salesforce operated on. I found that my role’s breadth of scope and Salesforce’s operating model naturally aligned with JumpCloud’s approach to leading, growing, and managing a fast-growing business. 

Prior to Salesforce, I spent time at AWS managing its ElastiCache business and at Microsoft within its Office 365 & Operating System Groups. My learnings from Salesforce, AWS, and Microsoft will always be with me in building teams and products to deliver innovation that delights customers. 

Now, I look forward to driving the vision for a product that’s changing the way organizations Make Work Happen with features like cloud-hosted LDAP, directory-driven single sign-on, and Zero Trust security. This opportunity humbles me – to be entrusted to manage the direction of a market-leading platform that is loved by its users is an awesome responsibility. I am looking forward to continuous learnings and delivery to our customers to fuel growth at JumpCloud. Thanks to Rajat Bhargava, Gregory Keller, and Larry Middle for the opportunity and warm welcome.