Ducati Multistrada: Twenty years of emotions and innovation

Ducati Multistrada: Twenty years of emotions and innovation

Multistrada (Multi-strada, meaning ‘Multi-road’): never could a name have been more apt for a motorcycle destined to leave its mark like few others in Ducati’s history. A dynasty that turns twenty in 2023: twenty years of innovative technology, performance, emotions, and adventures to tell. 

The Multistrada was born in 2003 with the aim of offering a Ducati both versatile and sporty, capable of tackling any terrain with maximum safety and solidity. The first version of the bike was the Multistrada 1000 DS, the starting point of a family that has continued to evolve through four generations, the most recent based on the V2 and V4 Granturismo engines.

Over its twenty-year life, the Multistrada has brought with it a rich history of innovations and technological evolutions that have redefined the standards of the motorcycle industry, confirming itself, generation after generation, as the ideal companion for all enthusiasts who love to discover the beauties of the world and experience every journey in relation with the surrounding landscape and with the road, alone or in pairs. 

Among the most important innovations introduced for the first time thanks to the Multistrada that must certainly be mentioned are the Riding Modes of the 2010 model, a solution now widespread on most high and medium range motorcycles. The Multistrada V4, the technological benchmark of the Bologna-based manufacturer introduced on the market in 2020, was at the time the first motorcycle in the world equipped with front and rear radar . A solution that has made it possible to introduce the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Blind Spot Detection (BSD) systems, which improve riding comfort and safety. Also on the same model, Ducati introduced the Phone Mirroring solution, which transforms the dashboard into a colour map navigator while keeping visible the information necessary for riding the bike.

The Multistrada V4 also features benchmark maintenance intervals, with valve clearance checks set every 60,000 km. All models in the family come with the exclusive “4Ever Ducati” warranty, valid for 4 years with unlimited mileage*. 

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the model that changed the history of the Bologna-based manufacturer, Ducati has set up a temporary exhibition entitled “Multistrada 20th – Twenty Years of Evolutionary Exploration” inside its Museum.

Enthusiasts can admire two of the symbolic models of the Multistrada dynasty up close. On the one hand, the first Multistrada 1000 DS, which embodies the initial vision and inspiration behind the creation of this family of motorcycles, and on the other hand, the more recent Multistrada V4 Rally, which fully epitomizes the path of innovation and evolution that the model has gone through in the past twenty years.

The display is enhanced by a short documentary that, through images and testimonies, traces the history and progress that has characterized this incredible model, from its introduction to the most recent versions.

The special exhibition “Multistrada 20th – Twenty Years of Evolutionary Exploration” will remain open until the beginning of October with the same opening hours as the Ducati Museum, from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00 and closed on Wednesdays. 

The Multistrada will be one of the protagonists of the Ducati World Première 2024. After the first episode dedicated to the Ducati Monster 30° Anniversario, five other appointments, from the 19th of September to the 7th of November, will unveil just as many new Ducati models for the 2024 range every fortnight.


  • The model that changed the history of Ducati, giving rise to one of the most successful families of the Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer, turns twenty 
  • Technological achievements, adventures and emotions are illustrated in the temporary exhibition “Multistrada 20th – Twenty Years of Evolutionary Exploration” set up inside the Ducati Museum 
  • The Multistrada will be one of the protagonists of the Ducati World Première 2024 episodes, scheduled from 19th of September to 7th of November on the Ducati official website and social media 

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