ECRN Conference: Digital Transition of the Chemical Industry – The Role of the European Digital Innovation Hubs

On December 7th , ECRN in cooperation with the EU Commission DG CNECT organised an online conference to highlight  the opportunities and services that the EDIHs can offer to the chemical sector. We gathered EU Commission, EDIHs, educational sector representatives and other stakeholders for an intense session to understand how the Hubs can meet the needs of the regional chemical industry . The chemical sector is not alone in the digital transformation, and EDIHs are easy to reach, experienced and can offer services for free or reduced prices. The first session focused on the new digital skills needed for a more competitive and sustainable chemical sector. During the second session, we focused on EDIHs, how to access their services, what they focus on and how they can tailor their expertise on the enterprise’s issues. We need to adapt to the change, use our experience indeed, but in some contexts we need to put what we know aside and learn a new approach . Our new strategies need to be flexible and adapt to a new, changing, environment. Aleksandra Zajus-Wayda Young people are more aware and concerned with the world around us, and the chemical sector is the right place for them to have an impact . Michael Kolk Digital solutions are usually what we all focus on. But we need to understand the SMEs and midcaps issues first . Understanding their problems is our best tool to shape real benefits and solutions. Tim Franken Are you looking for more info on how to access the EDIHs services? Check out their website. Do you want to know more about EDIHs and how they work? Check out the presentations, here you can find the complete agenda.