Emotions drive human behaviour and speaker bookers are human

We buy emotionally and then we rationalise our choice.  It’s the same when it comes to booking speakers.  Bookers buy emotionally whatever they tell themselves after the fact. 

Yet so many of us focus on trying to convince meeting planners, bureau agents, event organisers to work with us without appealing to them in any way emotionally.  Admittedly it’s difficult.  But here are some thoughts: 

Your showreel can tell a story and take people on a short journey with you, using the power of imagery, music and of course your great content. 

Your testimonials should talk about how you have left the audience changed because of your presentation.   

Use great imagery, your photos and images paint a picture, yet so many photos don’t show who you are and your personality.  Yes, you can’t go too crazy but stand out with your imagery.  

Take a look at these photos, they say so much:

The way you dress will evoke an emotional reaction, (not always good).  We try not to judge a book by its cover but inevitably we do.  A great example is Susan Boyle, we all underestimated her until she opened her mouth to sing.  If you missed the famous audition, or want to be reminded how brilliant it was here it is.

Consider how you can bring more emotion into your business, through the above, through your interactions, through your speeches.  

If this has sparked some ideas for you and you’d like to explore further, you might want to listen into this week’s podcast.  Coach, playwriter and performer Sarah Archer talks to me about how to move your audience.