ETIP PV launches survey on its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Photovoltaics

ETIP PV launches survey on its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Photovoltaics

ETIP PV has developed a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) which focuses on solar PV technology as a prominent aspect of the EU’s commitments to its clean energy targets and global sustainability goals. The SRIA PV is now open for consultation until November 30.

The European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) is currently working on an update of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for PV (SRIA-PV). For this purpose, ETIP PV is running an open consultation and is inviting all PV experts from both research and industry to fill in a 15-minute survey. The survey results would help us update the SRIA and make it even more relevant for the entire European PV R&D sector.

Structure of the survey

As already discussed in one of our previous articles, the SRIA focuses on five core challenges of European research and innovation:

  1. Performance Enhancement and Cost Reduction through Advanced PV Technologies and Manufacturing;
  2. Lifetime, Reliability, and Sustainability Enhancements;
  3. New Applications through the integration of Photovoltaics;
  4. The Smart Energy System Integration of Photovoltaics for Large-Scale Deployment and High Penetration; and
  5. Socio-Economic Aspects of the Transition to High PV Contribution

When filling in the survey, you can choose to provide feedback for one or more of these challenges, depending on what your expertise is. You also have the chance to state your opinion on whether these challenges adequately encompass the main issues for R&I in the PV sector; or, if new topics should be considered and possibly included as well.

Why should you fill in the survey?

Are you a member of an EU-based research center and you participate in or are funded by HORIZON calls? Are you a member of an EU-based PV-related company? Or, are you interested in the resurgence of the European PV supply and value chain?

Then the SRIA is a document you should be familiar with as it officially addresses the European Commission. Namely, by publishing the SRIA, ETIP PV is directly advising the European Commission as an independent and neutral body of experts on the topic of PV research and innovation. Therefore, by sharing your valuable input with us, you directly get the chance to shape the new SRIA with us and thus, possibly influence any new and upcoming HORIZON calls, financing measures, and topics of high interest and focus in the EU.

Technical details about the survey

The survey asks for no personal information, other than an active e-mail address and the name of an organization so that we can confirm that you are (somewhat) connected to PV in general. If you wish, you can save a backup of your answers on your local computer. The consultation is open until November 30.