Etisalat unveils multi-access edge slicing innovation | Computer Weekly

Etisalat unveils multi-access edge slicing innovation | Computer Weekly

sdecoret – Etisalat unveils multi-access edge slicing innovation Leading Middle East operator to be first to deploy ‘breakthrough multi-access edge slicing innovation’ to offer new premium slicing services across 4G/5G, fixed wireless access and fixed access The Middle East region has become a key market for network slicing, and in the latest move in this area, Etisalat by e& has demonstrated “a breakthrough multi-access edge slicing innovation on a live network” using Nokia technology. While the connectivity needs of enterprises and consumers are evolving rapidly, tailored multi-access edge slicing solutions are seen as having the potential to address this new demand. Noting that multi-access edge slicing allows operators to offer new premium slicing services across 4G/5G, fixed wireless access (FWA) and fixed access (FA) that can support several use cases and applications simultaneously, Nokia said its latest innovation supports laptops, tablets, game consoles, IoT devices as well as 4G/5G smartphones including new URSP (UE Route Selection Policy)-capable multi-slice smartphones. Offering a number of use cases, the tech company said that with a multi-sliced FWA or FA network, a family could use one slice to access services such as HDTV streaming or cloud gaming while another slice could be used for home working via a laptop. In addition, it suggested that with multi-access edge slicing, operators could enable a 4G/5G smartphone user to send business-sensitive information using a secure and high-performing network slice, while also participating in a video call using another slice at the same time. Both slices could be tailored to have different network characteristics depending on their specific requirements such as routing, bit rate, quality of service (QoS), latency and security. In another, on-demand network slicing could see a subscriber could order and activate a slice for a gaming application running at the edge cloud with an enhanced network performance, low latency, and sliced edge. Slice service continuity between 4G, 5G, FWA/Wi-Fi and FA/Wi-Fi is enabling Etisalat by e& to provide the same subscriber experience across all access network technologies. “We are committed to driving the digital future by investing in new technologies and innovations and pave the way for revolutionising the industry,” said Khalid Murshed, CTIO at Etisalat by e&. “We continuously focus on creating new value and multi-access edge slicing is an important step in providing innovative services for our customers.” Ari Kynäslahti, head of strategy and technology, mobile networks at Nokia, added: “Working closely with our partners like Etisalat by e& is very important in developing innovative solutions. The launch of multi-access edge slicing underlines Nokia’s network slicing leadership once again. With this latest innovation, we can enable operators to provide premium enterprise and consumer services that enhance the customer experience.” Multi-access edge slicing complements Nokia’s 5G edge slicing and recently announced edge cloud network slicing solution portfolio. Read more about network slicing Nokia, A1, Microsoft claim first for enterprise 5G edge cloud network slicing:Telco teams with IT giant and comms tech provider to offer network slicing solution designed to deliver secure virtual private network services to enterprise customers integrated with edge-based enterprise cloud. Samsung Electronics, KDDI to form 5G global network slicing alliance: Global electronics and communications technology provider signs agreement with leading Japanese mobile network operator to form alliance based around key aspect of 5G infrastructure. 5G network slicing value hits $19bn but growth stalls: Research finds that much anticipated and increasingly investigated aspect of next-gen mobiles has hit complexity headwinds, leading to slowdown in expansion market that is nearing $20bn in value. ETSI launches OpenSlice group to deliver mobile network slicing as a service: Association for ICT development, ratification and testing of standards introduces software development group for dedicated portions of mobile networks. Read more on Telecoms networks and broadband communications

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