EU-Startups is part of StepUP Startups: Redefining Europe’s startup landscape with data-driven innovation

EU-Startups is part of StepUP Startups: Redefining Europe's startup landscape with data-driven innovation

EU-Startups embarks on a transformative 2-year journey aimed at reshaping policies for a fair and resilient economy in Europe. With generous funding from the European Commission, Barrabés in collaboration with EU-Startups, Leibniz IRS, Startup Europe Regions Network (SERN), and DEEP Ecosystems, leads the charge in the Preparatory Action on “European Start-ups 2.0 – Elevating Europe’s startup economy through data-driven insights, research, and events”, known now as StepUP Startups . The primary goal of this initiative is to gain a comprehensive understanding of national and local startup and scaleup ecosystems across the EU27 and EFTA countries. Through a series of targeted activities, StepUP Startups aims to: Produce a collection of data-driven policy reports addressing key challenges within the EU startup ecosystem. Engage with a diverse array of stakeholders, including niche verticals, industry groups, and policymakers. Organise events based on insights gleaned from reports, with the aim of bolstering the development and connectivity of startups and scaleups, promoting the adoption of policy recommendations, and fostering collaboration across different sectors. Research & Thematic Reports Research & Thematic Reports
Over the project’s duration, StepUp Startups will release 12 thematic reports focusing on various aspects of Europe’s startup landscape and pertinent policy initiatives: Leveraging the EU’s Digital Markets Act for Startup Growth Fostering Connectivity among Europe’s Diverse Startup Ecosystems Facilitating the Transition from Academia to Entrepreneurship in Europe Streamlining Startup Processes: A Review of Policy Impacts on Founders Harnessing European Financial Markets for Startup Investment Enhancing Talent Mobility for Competitive Advantage in Europe Cultivating Emerging Innovation Hubs across Europe EU-Startups Growth Trajectories: Navigating Acquisition Opportunities Nurturing the Next Generation of European Entrepreneurs Implementing Smart Strategies for Startup Clusters and Ecosystems Developing Robust Exit Markets for European Startups Assessing the Impact of the Digital Markets Act on Startup Innovation Events Timeline Events Timeline
The inaugural launch event is a joint event in collaboration with the Innovation Radar Bridge Project , scheduled for April 16, 2024 in Brussels, targeting officials from the European Commission and Parliament, as well as stakeholders in the Brussels policy and EU Affairs community. In November 2024, EU-Startups will host a high-level workshop involving policymakers from EU Member States. A pivotal “summit” event is planned for April 2025 as a side event of the EU-Startups Summit in Malta, bringing together participants from across the ecosystem. Additionally, StepUp Startups will organise six policy workshop events between May 2024 and August 2025, focusing on key thematic challenges and potential policy solutions at EU, national, and regional levels. StepUP Startups underscores EU-Startups’ dedication to advancing Europe’s startup economy through data-driven insights and collaborative innovation. The initiative seeks to reshape the European startup landscape and invites stakeholders to participate in crucial discussions shaping the future of EU innovation. Join us as we pave the way for a vibrant and inclusive startup ecosystem in Europe.