Evolution and Human Behaviour (Engels)

Historical Introduction: Evolution and Theories of Mind and Behaviour, Darwin and After.- Foundations of Darwinian Psychology.- Natural Selection, Inclusive Fitness and the Selfish Gene.- Sex and Sexual Selection.- The evolution of the Hominins.- The Quintessence of Dust: The Hominin Package.- Adaptations and Evolved Design.- Life History Theory.- Cognition and modularity.- Emotions.- Altruism and Cooperation.- Conflict and Crime.- Human Sexual Behaviour: Anthropological Perspectives.- Human Mate Choice: The Evolutionary Logic of Sexual Desire.-Facial Atractiveness.- The Paradox of Homosexuality.- Incest Avoidance and the Westermark Effect.- Darwinian Medicine: Evolutionary Perspectives on Health and Disease.- Three Case Studies in Evolution and Health: Diet, Cancer and Mental Disorder.- The Evolution of Culture: Genes and Memes.- Ethics