Evolution of Spatial Design Technology Could Simplify Event Planning – Smart Meetings

Evolution of Spatial Design Technology Could Simplify Event Planning - Smart Meetings

Allseated Rebrands as Prismm to Launch New 3D Virtual Design Platform Allseated Rebrands as Prismm to Launch New 3D Virtual Design Platform
Just as a light prism offers infinite possibilities of colors, the Prismm unified SaaS platform being announced today will offer dynamic virtual digital twins of event spaces to enable collaborative sourcing, designing and planning from any computer screen. Formerly known as Allseated, the company started in 2014 as a tool for wedding planners to model seating charts and, after being used for some 500,000 events and significantly adding to the cataloged inventory in the U.S. and Europe, evolved into an efficient 3D spatial design and management resource for business event professionals. “You can take a photorealistic, accurately scaled venue space and lay it out in any configuration to see it in different lights and look at different layers—electricity, guestlist, catering, AV production, anything—and show infinite possibilities using a digital twin,” said Prismm CEO Yaron Lipshitz. “That’s the source of truth, right where the virtual meets the physical,” he added. Read More: The Metaverse and Meeting Planning A Cost-effective, Sustainable Event Solution A Cost-effective, Sustainable Event Solution
Lipshitz envisions sales, marketing, catering, customer services and corporate planning teams coming together in the interactive, real-time Metaverse-like venue to plan out each part of the agenda via personalized logins and an intuitive dashboard. It would limit the need to fly teams around the world, saving time, money and greenhouse gas emissions while enhancing the creativity factor because it is easier to test different furniture, colors and configurations in a virtual environment than a physical one. Rich media can be inserted into any experience, including branding elements like a logo or promotional video. Collaborators can create their vision in the cloud, provide design notes and feedback, and save details in a shareable canvas. “The platform shortens sales cycles, increases conversion rates, and lowers costs, all while supporting the company’s sustainable event goals,” he explained, adding that as a budget-friendly solution that helps communication for remote teams, corporate event planners buying subscriptions for access to a set of venues with an unlimited number of collaborators have become a larger part of the customer base in recent years. Read More: Event Tech Updates You Need Now In addition to the time and cost savings, Lipshitz said the product has been popular with executives looking for visibility. “All CEOs want to be able to see what an event will look like, how it will flow, where customers and partners will be seated, that is huge,” he said. Improved Catalogue and Connection Improved Catalogue and Connection

The main difference from previous tools is that all aspects will be connected. “In the old paradigm, you would have floor planning as a very separate activity from sourcing a venue and doing a site inspection. Now it is unified,” Lipshitz said. The Prismm team also simplified the integration of venues using data sets and now counts some 75,000 venues as cataloged in 2D in the United States out of what he estimated is a universe of 100,000 meeting spaces excluding restaurants and new ones can be added in a matter of days. “We’re getting very close to having a lot of them now. The 3D visualization process is progressing in a very scalable manner and already being used in some of the largest, most luxurious properties,” he shared. In 2021, Allseated acquired easyRAUM, a German company that expanded the company’s European and Middle Eastern operations. “This is a global solution,” Lipshitz stressed. Read More: 25 Unexpected Hospitality Trends from 2023 The combination of more efficient room modeling technology and a rapid shift back to physical events with lean staffing, limited budgets and short timelines set the stage for the embrace of virtual planning tools, he explained. An Evolving Spatial Design Technology Market An Evolving Spatial Design Technology Market
The Prismm platform would be an alternative to Cvent Event Diagramming, which recently announced it will be adding custom inventory catalogs to its collaborative planning software toolbar. Another event planning platform that started in the wedding planner world is Merri, which has evolved to include 3D visualization, seating chart tools and a shopping cart to create rental orders from preferred vendors. A third platform, 3D Event Designer, offers translation of languages and metrics for international projects on its 3D “CAD-like” software. Lipshitz included Zoom as a partial competitor because the integrated collaborative aspect of the platform would eliminate the need to bring in a streaming solution.