Fostering Innovation with Open Source Initiatives

Fostering Innovation with Open Source Initiatives

Open source is the name of the game this week! Arun Gupta from Intel and I investigate the many ways that open source initiatives can foster innovation. We also chat about Intel’s history in the open source community, the evolution of Intel’s open source strategy and the progressive open source initiatives Intel is working on right now. Also this week, I check out the details of an open source tool from MIT’s Senseable City Lab that can help people measure air pollution cheaply from anywhere.

Links for August 25, 2023 

Software First at Intel 

Innovation Thrives in Open Ecosystems (Video)

Low-cost device can measure air pollution anywhere (MIT News)

Leveraging machine learning algorithms to advance low-cost air sensor calibration in stationary and mobile settings

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Fish Fry Executive Interviews

David Mayman, CEO – Mayman Aerospace 

Anupam Bakshi, CEO – Agnisys

Dave Kleidermacher, CTO – Green Hills Software

Robert Blake, CEO – Achronix

Jack Harding, CEO – eSilicon

Michiel Ligthart, COO – Verific

Simon Davidmann, CEO – Imperas

Jessica Gomez – Rogue Valley Microdevices

Shishpal Rawat, Chairman – Accellera Systems Initiative

Kevin Bromber, CEO – myDevices

Daniel Hansson, CEO – Verifyter

Mark Papermaster, CTO – AMD

David Fried, CTO – Coventor

Dr. Steven LeBoeuf, President – Valencell

David Dutton, CEO – Silvaco

Bob Niemiec, CEO – TwistThink

Allan Martinson, COO – Starship Technologies

Zhihong Liu, Chairman and CEO – ProPlus Solutions

Taher Madraswala, CEO and President – Open-Silicon

Kapil Shankar, CEO and Director – AnDAPT

Dan Fox, CTO – Local Motors

Kim Rowe, Founder and CEO — RoweBots

Lawrence Cooke, Founder and CEO — NovaSolix

Gregg Recupero, CTO — Performance-IP

Alan Grau, CEO — Icon Labs

Carl Alberty, Vice President – Cirrus Logic

Maximilian Odendahl, CEO — Silexica

Finbarr Moynihan, General Manager — MediaTek

Sanjay Pillay, CEO — Austemper

Louis Parks, CEO – SecureRF

Harold Blomquist, CEO – Helix Semiconductor

Dale Dougherty and Sherry Huss, Co-Founders – Maker Faire

David Su, CEO – Atomic Technologies

Jess Isquith, President/CEO – PICMG

Galen Hunt, Distinguished Engineer and Managing Director, Microsoft Azure Sphere – Microsoft 

Vinay Gokhale, VP Business Development – ThirdWayv

Kevin Hannah, Director of Product Operations- Kazuhm

Srinath Anantharaman, CEO – ClioSoft

Gajinder Panesar, CTO  – UltraSoC and Tim Ramsdale, CEO – Agile Analog

Steve Cammish, VP of Edge Solutions – ADLINK

Adam Benzion, Co-Founder,

Ted Pawela, COO – Altium 

Michael Dick, CEO – C2A Security

Ted Mirracco, CEO – Cylynt 

Arun Subbarao, VP of Engineering – Lynx Software

Doug Sandy, Chief Technical Officer – PICMG

Stefan Müller, CTO and Founder – FMC

Brian Faith, CEO – QuickLogic 

Paul Cunningham, Senior Vice President and General Manager- Cadence Design Systems

Tom Doyle, CEO – Aspinity

Pim Tulys, CEO – Intrinsic-ID

Yonatan Geifman , Co-founder and CEO – Deci

Mung Chiang, EVP and Dean of Engineering College – Purdue University

Clay Johnson, CEO – CacheQ

Andy Hock, Vice President, Product – Cerebras Systems

Dan Goehl, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer – UltraSense Systems

Charlie Green, Chief Operating & Technical Officer – Powercast