Georgia Sports Innovation Coalition Launches: Aims to Fuel Innovation Across the State’s Sports Industry

Georgia Sports Innovation Coalition Launches: Aims to Fuel Innovation Across the State's Sports Industry

The Georgia Sports Innovation Coalition: a dynamic new initiative poised to propel advancements within the state’s sports industry. Led by experienced professionals, this coalition seeks to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and position Georgia as a frontrunner in sports innovation and technology on a global scale. ATLANTA, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Georgia Sports Innovation Coalition (GSIC) announces its official launch, marking a pivotal moment in the transformation of the state’s sports industry. With a bold vision to foster collaboration and champion innovation, GSIC is poised to propel Georgia to the forefront of global sports, technology, and entrepreneurship. Led by a dedicated team of seasoned industry professionals, GSIC is committed to serving as a catalyst for innovation by providing resources, networking opportunities, and support to sports technology businesses and entrepreneurs. Beyond driving economic growth, the coalition seeks to enrich the sporting experience for individuals and communities statewide. Ryan McNeil, former NFL All-Pro and GSIC Board Chair, expressed enthusiasm for the coalition’s mission, stating, “As someone with a team sports background, I appreciate the communal aspect of both the sports and innovation ecosystems in Georgia. With the launch of GSIC, we embark on an exciting journey to foster sports innovation and drive growth within the sports technology industry in our state.” GSIC’s initiatives bridge the gap between technology and sports, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that promises economic growth, technological advancements, and enhanced athletic experiences. By leveraging global connectivity and championing collaboration, GSIC aims to capitalize on Georgia’s position as a hub for sports innovation. Dawn Price, Georgia Center of Innovation Industry Engagement Manager, highlighted the opportunities for growth in the sports tech space. “In addition to our global connectivity, Georgia is known for the ways we collaborate to grow opportunities for industry ecosystems in our state, she remarked. “The growth in the sports tech space, along with live, physical events such as FIFA World Cup 2026 and the establishment of the new U.S. Soccer Federation headquarters, means capitalizing on this moment to build the entire ecosystem — from entrepreneurs and small businesses, to major brands and corporations.” As GSIC embarks on its journey, the coalition invites stakeholders to join in shaping the future of sports innovation in Georgia. Through collaboration and collective effort, GSIC aims to redefine the boundaries of athletic performance and fan engagement, positioning Georgia as a global leader in the sports industry. About the Georgia Sports Innovation Coalition At the intersection of sports and innovation, the Georgia Sports Innovation Coalition (GSIC) stands as a testament to Georgia’s commitment to pioneering the future of sports technology and entrepreneurship. As a non-profit organization, GSIC is dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and growth, with the goal of establishing Georgia as an international beacon of sports innovation and economic development. For more information about GSIC and how to get involved, visit: About the Georgia Center of Innovation The Center of Innovation is a strategic arm of the Georgia Department of Economic Development. For more information about the Georgia Center of Innovation, visit: Media Contact Amyr Heard, Social Fancy, 1 4044551558, [email protected], Melissa Sanders, Tadpole Communications, 1 404-909-6726, [email protected], SOURCE Georgia Sports Innovation Coalition