Glance Receives Innovation Award from Intuit

A few weeks ago, we received an invitation to Intuit’s Partner Summit from Kathleen Russell, Intuit’s sourcing manager. Each year, Intuit brings its top strategic partners together to share the company’s strategy and priorities and to learn how we can be better partners to each other. Together, we learned how we are making a positive difference in the lives of our customers.  

From Left to Right: Emma Chontos, Chief Procurement Officer (Intuit), Sandra Tise VP of Business Development (Glance), Eileen Fagan, VP, Solutions Development and Operations (Intuit)

When we showed up for the meeting, Intuit surprised us by presenting Glance with the 2018 Intuit Innovation Award!

Our relationship with Intuit (the makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks, Turbo and Mint) began in 2015 and it has been a thrilling, challenging, and inspirational engagement. Every Glance employee who has worked with the Intuit team has been enriched by the experience of working with a company internationally renowned for their commitment to customer success and innovation.

Glance provides the technology that powers TurboTax SmartLook™, which supports TurboTax™ and TurboTax Live™. When customers need help with their tax returns, they are able to invite an Intuit certified tax expert to see their screen and offer expert guidance. TurboTax agents also appear in the app via live 1-way video while they provide guidance, humanizing the interaction and building trust with the customer.

In 2017, Intuit challenged Glance to extend that same visual engagement functionality to their TurboTax Android and iOS mobile apps, thereby providing consistent, high-quality visual engagement for every customer on every TurboTax platform  — desktop app, browser, and mobile app. Glance delivered. The technology sailed through peak tax filing season this past April.

On the podium a few weeks ago, when Intuit Chief Procurement Officer, Emma Chontos, handed me the Intuit Innovation Award, she shared kind words about how Glance’s efforts had helped Intuit consolidate their tech stack and support Intuit’s goal of creating an awesome agent and customer experiences.

The Glance team is very proud to embrace Intuit’s rapid-experiment culture, and we welcome the opportunity to work with Intuit to jointly innovate on big customer problems…with speed!