Green Industry Innovation Agenda: an invite to extend cooperation and societal impact | News articles | University of Groningen

We are very pleased to present the Green Industry Innovation Agenda of the University of Groningen (UG). With this agenda, we present the overall ambitions and research of 99 researchers from 7 different faculties, as well as research analytics, current collaborations and entrepreneurial activities. Moreover, this agenda describes various opportunities for future joint projects with relevant stakeholders, such as companies, governmental organisations and our partners in the University of the North.

The subject of Green Industry provides us with great opportunities and complex challenges at the same time. The agenda is based on key regional sustainability targets and explores the university’s strong and distinct position regarding the development of green industries. The multidisciplinary research being carried out by our researchers covers a wide range of topics, and three main themes are explored in detail, namely Green Energy Systems, Biobased Chemicals & Materials and Systems’ Integration & Society. We invite companies, nonprofit organizations and governmental organizations to contact Industry Relations and explore opportunities to connect, find synergies and together contribute to the green industries of the future.

Prof.dr. Katja Loos, Professor at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, emphasises that the Green Industry Agenda is an invite for even more close collaboration in the future: ‘I notice that working closely together, with all kinds of private partners and knowledge partners, transforms us into an interesting research cluster with great potential. I expect that the UG Green Industry Innovation Agenda can contribute to further extending ongoing cooperations, as in the University of the North, and can serve as an invite to work even more closely together with our partners in the region, to establish a regional innovation agenda. All with the aim to achieve major societal impact in the Northern Netherlands and beyond.’

Industry Relations has facilitated the development of this knowledge agenda on behalf of the UG, in cooperation with ENTEG (ENgineering and TEchnology institute Groningen) and the UB (University Library). Do you want to work together with researchers or do you want to know more about the agenda? Please contact us via [email protected] or have a look at our website.