HEX Innovation: medical information powered by blockchain

In the field of health, interesting blockchain projects are emerging that can have a very positive impact on improving the quality of life expectations of many people. One of those projects is HEX Innovation.

HEX is an ecosystem of collection and administration of health information, powered by blockchain technology, and tokenized. HEX provides its users with the effective way to manage personal health information based on the Aston platform with multidimensional blocks.

HEX has understood that access to individual medical information is limited and it is difficult to guarantee the continuity of medical care in many cases due to the lack of links between medical institutions in order to share and access this information. To serve as an effective and innovative solution, while at the same time encouraging its own cryptoeconomyaround such a solution, HEX developed its own solution.

The HEX platform forms a health information business ecosystem where individuals are the main actors contributing and managing their own medical information, in a tokenized incentive environment. HEX also expands its service model through the development of several healthcare applications in which users safely manage their health information and that of their family.

HEX collects health records from various institutions and individuals and provides personalized information to the necessary places in real time.

As for the HEX tokens, users who participate in research, surveys and the entry of their own health data are rewarded with tokens that are stored in electronic wallets of the HEX platform. These tokens can be exchanged for fiduciary money as well as donated, or consumed in various forms, such as through the use of health services, discounts at medical institutions, purchase of health products, among other possibilities.

Recently, HEX Innovation partnered with the Association of Regional Public Hospitals of Korea (KARPH) and TPLUS to develop the blockchain based medical information industry in that Asian country. Fundamentally, the strategic partnership between HEX Innovation and KARPH was formed to develop blockchain based applications in the medical information industry and help the industry create new best practices for the medical services industry in general.

HEX Innovation will carry out private sales of its token until August 31, 2018, after which it will officially launch its token through an ICO in mid September 2018. It also plans to list its token in the main cryptocurrency exchanges. Finally, the official launch of HEX is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020, according to plans.

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