HRM203: prepare a Report on “Work-from-home and Employee Motivation During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Human Behaviour in Organisations Report, SUSS, Singapore

Your boss just came back from an HRM conference. He is keen to learn more about the latest application of people management theories and concepts in organizations. Over lunch, he asked you to prepare a Report on “Work-from-home and Employee Motivation During the Covid-19 Pandemic”.

Your Task

For this assignment, you are to conduct a literature review on the subject matter to write the Report. The number of articles to examine is FOUR (4). Each selected article must not be (a) less than 2,000 words and (b) must not be published before 2010.

A direct link to each of the four articles should be embedded in the Report. If this is not feasible, provide web links or append copies of the articles as appendices at the back of the Report. There is no restriction on the particular management or business journals that you can choose. However, they should be of good academic quality. For example,
• Academy of Management Review
• Academy of Management Perspective
• Academy of Management Journal
• Journal of Applied Psychology
• Personnel Psychology
• Industrial and Organisational Psychology
• Harvard Business Review
• Leadership Quarterly
• Journal of Management
• Journal of Organisational Behaviour
• Group & Organisation Management
• Human Resource Development Review
• Human Resource Management Review
• Human Resource Management Journal (UK)
• Human Resource Management Journal (US)

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