Indical Bioscience announces strategic partnership with Evonik to drive innovation in monitoring the health of poultry flocks

INDICAL BIOSCIENCE (INDICAL; part of the Vimian Group) announced that it has entered a partnership with Evonik to develop and expand precision monitoring solutions in poultry through the ScreenFloX® service. The partnership aligns with INDICAL’s ambition to continuously drive innovation in pathogen monitoring, disease prevention and animal welfare for its veterinary and animal-production customers.

The ScreenFloX® service combines INDICAL’s veterinary diagnostic capabilities with Evonik’s Precision Livestock Farming portfolio to provide proactive analysis of a flock’s pathogen status and greater control over any actions required. The service provides producers with continuous insights into pathogen levels, resulting in greater production efficiency, lower antibiotic use, healthier animals and lower food safety risks.

Utilizing INDICAL’s novel qPCR assays – in combination with dedicated sample extraction and automation – Evonik’s digital ScreenFloX® service can analyze a flock’s pathogen status, providing an early warning system to prevent disease and improve production.

“Together with Evonik, we are building a proactive and non-invasive testing system for the active monitoring of flock health in order to prevent disease. This can only lead to increased animal welfare and improved production”, says Brahim Bozia, Head of Producer Segment at INDICAL. “We’re excited to collaborate with INDICAL BIOSCIENCE, a global leader in molecular pathogen detection in animal health. This partnership will further strengthen and develop Evonik’s provision of deep insights into the health of livestock.” says Dr. Franziska Levy, Global Business Manager for Poultry Health at Evonik.

Improving diagnostics for better animal and human health

INDICAL, the operating company within Vimian’s Diagnostics segment, is a global leader in the development of complete solutions for molecular and immunological veterinary testing to identify, prevent, monitor, and eradicate animal diseases. The offering is suited to both the livestock and companion animal health markets. The products and workflows for veterinary diagnostics and pathogen research are trusted by lab technicians, vets, and organizations worldwide, including government agencies, laboratories, research institutes, farmers, and producers.