Infineon to test Archetype AI’s AI developer model for better sensor innovation

Infineon to test Archetype AI’s AI developer model for better sensor innovation

Infineon Technologies, a global semiconductor manufacturer and leader in power systems and IoT, and Archetype AI, Inc., a pioneer in AI for the physical world, today announced that they have signed a strategic partnership to accelerate the future development of sensor-based chips with AI functionalities that will make life easier, safer and greener. 

Archetype AI, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is a frontier AI company developing a foundation model for Physical AI, a new form of artificial intelligence that is capable of perceiving, understanding, and reasoning about the world around us. Coined a “Large Behavior Model” (LBM) by Archetype AI, Infineon will pilot this new model that can uncover the hidden patterns of behavior in unstructured sensor data and blends real-time sensor data with natural language to create a living view of the world to analyze complex sensor-based data.

Under the multi-year partnership, Infineon will be the first company to utilize the LBM AI developer platform to generate AI agents that automatically create code for customer-specific sensor use cases to run as edge models on customer devices. Sensors built by Infineon with help of the LBM platform make devices like TVs, smart speakers, and smart home appliances aware of people and the world around them. Devices can automatically wake and surface information at the right time without interrupting, users can control devices with gestures, and devices can turn-on and off based on when people are around which reduces the use of energy and contributes to decarbonization.

“We are excited to launch our strategic partnership with Archetype AI to shape innovation in Physical AI,” said Andreas Kopetz, Vice President and General Manager of Ambient Sensing at Infineon. “Infineon’s innovative portfolio of IoT and solutions is actively advancing decarbonatization and digitization. Archetype AI’s foundation model development platform enables us to take this to the next level with its ability to deliver even more advanced solutions, even more quickly.” 

“Infineon is a great partner with a deep commitment to innovation and technical excellence,” said Ivan Poupyrev, Chief Executive Officer at Archetype AI. “We look forward to piloting our LBM AI developer platform with their world class team and providing them with the best AI technology to serve the mission critical needs of their customers in automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, and more.”

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