Innovation Edge offers funding for child literacy innovations

Innovation Edge offers funding for child literacy innovations

In a bid to bolster child literacy and language acquisition in South African households, Innovation Edge has announced the commencement of applications for funding and strategic assistance. This opportunity targets both original and adapted innovative ideas that aim to uplift the literacy and language skills of young children, particularly in low-income communities.

Aligned with the observance of World Literacy Month in September, this initiative strives to accentuate the urgency for innovative solutions and support for caregivers in economically disadvantaged areas.

The lack of accessible resources often impedes caregivers’ ability to create a stimulating educational environment for their children at home. With this in mind, Innovation Edge seeks to engage driven entrepreneurs and social innovators whose ideas, whether novel or modified, can address this challenge.

The overarching aim is to equip caregivers of children aged zero to six with the practical tools and resources needed to nurture language and literacy development.

The application window for this distinctive opportunity opens on 28 August and closes on 30 September 2023. Prospective candidates can submit their applications conveniently through an online portal accessible via the provided link.

Adliya van Niekerk, investment principal at Innovation Edge, stated, “We firmly believe that every child, regardless of their circumstances, should have access to the resources and tools that facilitate language and literacy acquisition. By extending funding and strategic aid to innovative educational technology solutions, we aspire to empower caregivers in resource-limited communities and enhance early childhood education outcomes.”

The selected applicants stand a chance to secure funding of up to R1.5 million to realise and implement their ideas. Moreover, successful candidates will benefit from strategic guidance and support from Innovation Edge. This includes access to networks, partnerships, and guidance to effectively scale their proposed solutions.

Innovation Edge is particularly interested in concepts that leverage educational technology platforms to surmount accessibility barriers for caregivers in economically challenged communities.

The focus remains on augmenting language development and literacy skills in children aged zero to six. The envisioned solutions span a spectrum of possibilities, including mobile applications, interactive websites, engaging games, audio-visual content, and any innovative tools that can captivate young minds and enrich their learning experiences.

With an emphasis on investing in educational technology solutions aimed at bridging the early childhood education gap, Innovation Edge envisions a fairer starting point for children hailing from less privileged backgrounds, propelling them towards a promising future.

For inquiries regarding the application process and eligibility criteria, please reach out to the Innovation Edge investment team at [email protected].

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