Innovation enabling users to control a powerchair with facial expressions now available from UK supplier

An advanced powerchair control system that enables users to control their chair with any part of their face that they can move including eyes, cheeks and mouth is officially being supplied in the UK by Precision Rehab.

Created by Now Technologies, the Gyro Glory has been designed to provide powered wheelchair users with an easy-to-use, discreet headset that connects to the user’s chair through Bluetooth, from which they can control their device with the smallest of head movements.

In situations where there is the possibility of interference, such as at music events or exhibitions- the headset can be connected directly with a cable, which simultaneously charges the headset at the same time.

Selling specialist powered wheelchairs through both a direct sales channel and across a dealer network, Matthew James, Director of Precision Rehab, commented: “As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of powered wheelchairs, we are always looking for new advances in technology which can help our clients and the Gyro Glory headset is certainly one such product.”

To operate the device, the user needs to put on the lightweight headset and position the click sensor approximately one to two centimetres from the corner or their eye, cheek or any other part of the face which they can move.

Once the desired position has been found, the sensor works by detecting the light reflected from the surface of the user’s skin or eye, allowing the sensor to detect when their eye is open, closed, partially closed or movement in the face where it is positioned.

In addition, a built-in tremor filter compensates for involuntary movements.

“Some of our clients have extremely complex needs and a product such as this will provide them with an increased level of independence, even those with the most restricted level of movement,” added Matthew.

The headset has a 20-hour battery life and as well as providing users with the ability to control their powerchairs with head movements, the control system can also be connected with a user’s computer or tablet, enabling the individual to click, double-click, drag-and-drop and type out text.

According to Matthew, the new Gyro Glory headset is compatible with all powered wheelchairs available from Precision Rehab as all the chairs in the company’s portfolio can run the required OMNI control system which links to the headset.

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