Innovation in Laboratory Information Management – Alpha

Innovation in Laboratory Information Management - Alpha

Alpha’s Strategic Partnerships: Leading the Way in Tech Innovation February 9, 2024 At Alpha Lims, our team is the cornerstone of our success. With a diverse blend of backgrounds, expertise, and experiences, each member brings unique skills to the table, enabling us to deliver unparalleled Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solutions to our clients. Let’s delve into the profiles of our key team members who drive innovation and excellence at AlphaLims. Dale Watson, President and CEO : Dale Watson, President and CEO :

With over 45 years in the analytical laboratory field, Dale Watson is a towering figure in the LIMS domain. His journey, grounded in a rich chemistry background, has seen him at the forefront of nationwide software automation and data transfer advancements in laboratories. Dale’s exceptional ability to tailor LIMS products for various laboratories, from environmental to forensic, showcases his deep understanding of the sector’s needs. His leadership in significant projects, such as the StarLims upgrade in Denver and the multi-site rollout for California’s most prominent public utility commission, underscores his commitment to enhancing lab efficiency and data integrity. Benjamin McClellan, Senior VP of LIMS Development Operations : Benjamin McClellan, Senior VP of LIMS Development Operations :

Benjamin’s 20+ years with STARLIMS embody a blend of technical prowess and visionary leadership. His tenure at Battelle Memorial Institute and subsequent roles have seen him push the boundaries of LIMS development. Benjamin’s expertise is not just in software enhancement but in nurturing a team that can innovate and execute complex projects with finesse, such as the one at a Department of Defense laboratory. Peter Kelly, Senior VP of LIMS Sales Operations : Peter Kelly, Senior VP of LIMS Sales Operations :

Peter’s 25-year trajectory through various software development landscapes has equipped him with a keen insight into transforming business rules into productivity-enhancing software. His work spans clinical to environmental labs, where he has implemented solutions that streamline operations and enhance data analysis capabilities. Peter’s mastery of a broad spectrum of development tools and platforms has been pivotal in delivering custom software solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. Jay Hartman, Senior Software Developer : Jay Hartman, Senior Software Developer :

Jay’s 18-year tenure in software development, particularly in customizing Starlims programming, has significantly impacted laboratories’ operational efficiencies. His collaborative approach with lab users to identify and address software requirements has enhanced Starlims functionalities, automating procedures and improving data management processes, particularly noted during his support for the US Geological Survey Water Quality Laboratory. Robert Watson, Senior Software Developer : Robert Watson, Senior Software Developer :

In the last 12 years, Robert has been instrumental in advancing the Starlims product across various sectors, including forensic and clinical. His development and testing work, especially for the largest drinking water laboratory in the US, has set new standards in LIMS customization and functionality. His collaborative efforts with Abbott Informatics highlight his commitment to delivering quality management solutions that are both innovative and reliable. Jerry Cooper, Senior Software Developer : Jerry Cooper, Senior Software Developer :

With over 28 years in the environmental laboratory industry, Jerry’s transition from a bench chemist to a software developer and LIMS administrator speaks volumes about his comprehensive understanding of laboratory needs and operations. His work developing custom applications and facilitating seamless system upgrades has been pivotal in ensuring laboratories maintain continuity and efficiency in their operations. The Alpha Lims team, led by these remarkable individuals, is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art LIMS solutions that empower laboratories to achieve their full potential. Our collective expertise in software development, project management, and industry-specific requirements ensures that we deliver solutions that are not just technologically advanced but also practical and user-friendly. At Alpha Lims, we are more than just a team; we are a community of innovators committed to advancing laboratory operations through cutting-edge technology and personalized service.