Innovation Summit Paris 2024: Innovation for Impact

This audio was created using Microsoft Azure Speech Services In 2024, calls for sustainability and a more efficient use of resources echo louder than ever before. Against this backdrop, we stand on the brink of a technological revolution, unlocking new possibilities to streamline complex operations, minimize waste, and evolve entire industries. This year, we’re thrilled that Schneider Electric’s Innovation Summit 2024, our flagship event, will unfold in a city renowned for innovation and culture, Paris. This April 3-4, attendees will enjoy an immersive experience and in-depth demonstrations of the latest technology for energy management and automation. Innovation Summit Paris 2024 is designed for those eager to stay at the forefront of industry trends, to discover ground-breaking advancements and hear from global thought leaders working to drive sustainability and digital transformation forward. Innovation for Impact Schneider Electric is leading the charge toward a more sustainable and connected future. At Innovation Summit 2024, our CEO, Peter Herweck, will discuss the megatrends reshaping our environments. From the rapid pace of digitization to the imperative of electrification and the transformative potential of automation, Peter will share real-world stories and compelling data on how Schneider Electric, in collaboration with its partners and customers, is leveraging these trends to effect meaningful change. Amid dual climate and energy crises, we’re facing both challenges and opportunities. In this critical moment, ambition meets innovation for impact. We’ll discuss the solutions and technologies — digital twins, advanced data analysis, and enhanced connectivity — designed to empower prosumers and catalyze societal and environmental change. What can you expect from the 2024 Innovation Summit Paris 2024? Insights from thought leaders and innovators: Get inspired by hearing strategic viewpoints from a lineup of Schneider Electric senior executives, as well as partners and customers. Engage in compelling discussions on pivotal topics like the path to net-zero buildings, the AI infrastructure revolution, and the future of prosumers in a new electric world. A first-hand look at Schneider’s innovative technologies: Gain exclusive access to guided tours of our Innovation Hub. Here, we’ll be showcasing the technologies that are shaping the future of our industries, from AI-driven home energy management systems to the latest in sustainable grid automation solutions. Opportunities to get together and network: The Innovation Summit is the perfect environment to connect with peers, industry experts, and potential partners. It’s a chance to share ideas, forge new relationships, and explore how, through collective efforts, we can all contribute to a more sustainable future. Actionable strategies for tomorrow’s challenges: Dive deep into an extensive range of strategy talks and expert learning sessions that open up tangible opportunities available today to tackle our most pressing challenges. From addressing grid constraints to leveraging AI and digital twins, learn about actionable strategies to empower your organization’s future. All this will help you navigate through and redefine the role of innovative technologies in harnessing the transformative power of digitalization and propel us toward achieving energy efficiency and a more sustainable future. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation at the forefront of energy management and automation. Click here to learn more about the Innovation Summit Paris 2024, including virtual options to view Peter Herweck’s keynote live. Start your journey toward a more sustainable, resilient, and innovative future. Start your journey toward a more sustainable, resilient, and innovative future.