Innovation Unleashed: PI Cottex elevates performance with A.T.E. and Goller Machinery – The Textile Magazine

Innovation Unleashed: PI Cottex elevates performance with A.T.E. and Goller Machinery - The Textile Magazine

In 2007, Ludhiana based PI Cottex Pvt Ltd embarked on its journey with a production capacity of 2.5 tons of knit fabrics per day. The initial focus was on upgrading machinery to enhance efficiency. It was during this pivotal phase that the company crossed paths with the A.T.E. team, a meeting that would shape the trajectory of PI Cottex’s growth. A.T.E. presented a comprehensive range of machines, laying the foundation for a lasting partnership. In 2013, PI Cottex took a significant step by acquiring two dyeing machines of Fong’s from A.T.E., boasting capacities of 250 and 300 kilograms respectively. This marked the beginning of a collaborative effort, with A.T.E. providing valuable guidance on machine utilization and subsequently 8 more Fong’s fabric dyeing machines were added. A.T.E.’s frequent visits to PI Cottex’s factories facilitated ongoing support, including updates on market demand for materials and insights into fabric processing, particularly spandex. The collaborative spirit extended to first investment in a Monfongs Stenter, a recommendation that resonated with PI Cottex and culminated in a purchase in 2015, addressing the surging demand for specific fabrics. The year 2018 witnessed a significant milestone for PI Cottex as they established their first factory. The machinery setup included 2 Monfongs stenters, 2 Corino machines, and the groundbreaking addition of the Goller spun oil wash range in 2021 – a pioneering move as the first of its kind in India. Fast-forward to 2023, and PI Cottex has scaled its production capacity to an impressive 20 tons per day. A substantial portion, ranging from 14 to 15 tons, comprises polycotton fabrics, and 100% polyester knit fabric contributing 2.5 to 3 tons daily, with spandex making up approximately 30 percent of this yield. What sets PI Cottex apart are its unique selling propositions. The company exclusively invests in international machinery, ensuring a distinct level of quality and performance. This commitment is complemented by the highly skilled machinery operators’ ability to seamlessly managing the array of sophisticated machines. Furthermore, a strong emphasis on sustainability has long been a core principle for PI Cottex. The company is a member of Common Effluent Treatment Plant, employed government-approved chemicals, and hold certifications such as BCI, OEKO-TEX, GOTS and GRS. Their dedication to resource conservation extends to water and electricity, with a focus on minimizing air pollution from their processes. The company’s managing director Mr Jasdeep Singh envisions future expansion with a forward-looking perspective. Their current unit, established in 2018, was designed for a long-term operational horizon of 15-20 years. The existing set up has inhouse knitting with 50 knitting machines, dyeing capacity of 17 tons per day and printing of 7 tons per day. Looking forward company has set ambitious sales goals of Rs. 500 Cr within the next five years, contingent on successful execution and expansion plans. The expansion will focus on, backward integration, modernisation, automation, and skill development. This growth trajectory aligns with their commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, positioning PI Cottex as a formidable player in the textile industry. Since 2013, PI Cottex has forged a lasting and fruitful association with A.T.E., a partnership that has significantly contributed to the company’s growth and success. The initial connection was established around a decade ago when PI Cottex made its first purchase from A.T.E., a dyeing machine from Fong’s that marked the beginning of a transformative collaboration. A.T.E. being a stalwart in the textile machinery industry, has consistently demonstrated unparalleled diligence in after-sales care. Their commitment extends beyond conventional norms, ensuring that even when their technical experts are engaged in other assignments, online support remains readily available to address any concerns at PI Cottex. This proactive approach reflects A.T.E.’s dedication to customer satisfaction and the seamless functioning of the machinery they provide. The choice to invest in a Goller machine by PI Cottex was informed by a combination of factors, with A.T.E. playing a pivotal role. A.T.E.’s long-standing goodwill carried significant weight in the decision-making process. Previous purchases from A.T.E., such as the Fong’s dyeing machines and Monfongs stenters, had proven to be stellar business decisions, living up to the promises made by A.T.E. during the sales process. This positive track record fostered trust and confidence in A.T.E.’s offerings. Moreover, A.T.E.’s reputation for delivering top-of-the-line service further solidified the decision to choose the Goller machine. The swift and efficient manner in which A.T.E. provides service ensures minimal downtime for PI Cottex’s operations, enhancing overall productivity. This commitment to excellence in service aligns with PI Cottex’s vision for a seamless and reliable machinery support system. In terms of machine performance, the Goller spun oil wash range has exceeded expectations, delivering output and quality that surpass industry standards. The fabric produced by this machine has a distinctive feel, setting it apart in the market. The exceptional performance has not only met but exceeded customer expectations, resulting in a cascade of second orders driven by customer satisfaction. Looking forward, PI Cottex envisions a continued partnership with A.T.E., especially if future expansion plans materialize. The success of the Goller machine has solidified A.T.E. as a preferred supplier, and the prospect of acquiring more of these machines for expanded production is on the horizon. As PI Cottex continues its upward trajectory, the synergy between A.T.E.’s machinery and PI Cottex’s operational excellence is poised to play a pivotal role in the company’s future successes. “Our longstanding partnership is a testament to the reliability of A.T.E.’s solutions. The remarkable performance of the Goller machine exemplifies A.T.E.’s pivotal role in propelling our success story.” “A.T.E. has been an invaluable partner in our journey, providing not just machinery but a commitment to excellence. Their innovative solutions and unwavering after-sales support have been crucial to our success. The long-standing relationship speaks volumes about the reliability and performance of A.T.E.’s machinery, making them an integral part of our growth story.” S RAJENDRAN’S NOTE: We have exhibited our capabilities by giving a proper suggestion for improving the quality and productivity. The customer is delighted with our support, and we are being treated as their partner. We have created a good reference for many machines like Fong’s, Monfongs and Corino in the Ludhiana market. We are proud to be a partner in the growth of PI Cottex.