Innovation’s Role in Path to Net Zero

Innovation’s Role in Path to Net Zero

Emerson’s Chief Sustainability Officer Mike Train shared How Innovation & Expertise Are Paving the Path to Net Zero in a keynote discussion at the Reuters Energy Transition 2023 Conference in Houston, Texas. Here is the presentation abstract.

Policy makers have established targets and industry leaders are developing plans. Traditional energy companies seek to operate more sustainably, while still hitting financial targets. Emerging energy transition solutions are looking to reach mainstream adoption faster. What do they have in common? 

Much of the technology and expertise needed to hit near term goals are available today. But what about 2040-2050? Our pace of innovation must accelerate. Revolutionary ideas are finding support for investment and development but face increasingly rigorous commercial scrutiny. We will highlight examples of progress being made today with novel approaches, what’s around the corner in the innovation ecosystem and how expertise can be leveraged to aid in the energy transition.

In this discussion, Mike described his role as Chief Sustainability Officer for two and a half years. He is driving Emerson’s “Greening Of, Greening By, Greening With” strategy to improve Emerson’s sustainability performance, Emerson’s customers’ sustainability performance, and working with government, industry, academia, and other stakeholders.

He shared examples of how Emerson technologies help manufacturers and producers drive their sustainability initiatives. It ranges from improving energy efficiency and emissions for traditional industries to supplying automation for renewable energy sources to the lithium battery supply chain and circular supply chain plastics manufacturing.

Mike was asked about the balance between financial performance and sustainability performance. Mike noted that projects are underway, and the early proofs are coming for companies to gauge progress and understand economic impacts. He noted how some companies like Bayotech enable distributed hydrogen sources for transportation and manufacturing use cases. The key is to continue advancing initiatives and maintain momentum.

He highlighted the work of Bobby Tudor, leader of the Houston Energy Transition Initiative, as the world’s energy capital, to work with the area manufacturers and producers to lead the energy transition. Emerson’s work with these and other initiatives worldwide exemplifies the “Greening With” part of the sustainability strategy.

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