Introducing Dive into Tech: The Ribbonfish Innovation Challenge – Ribbonfish

Introducing Dive into Tech: The Ribbonfish Innovation Challenge - Ribbonfish

Over the past few months, the Ribbonfish team has been coming up with innovative ways to attract the next generation of tech talent to join our growing company as well as provide an avenue for innovators to display their capabilities. And so after several brainstorming sessions, we came up with this unique concept. This February 2024, we are excited to unveil Dive into Tech: The Ribbonfish Innovation Challenge. Overview Centered around Salesforce, it is designed for the next generation of tech enthusiasts and offers a platform for graduating students, people who want to change careers, and aspiring tech professionals to showcase their creativity and problem-solving abilities. Competition structure It will be spread over multiple weeks and structured like a technology project in sprints with challenges focusing on different aspects of building an app using Salesforce. At the end of each sprint, points will be awarded based on performance. Each candidate can achieve a maximum of 50 points per week and their actual points are based on a weighted average score given by all the judges. Prizes At the end of the competition, the top three participants will be awarded with the following: 1st Place: £5,000 and 3-month contract 2nd Place: £2,500 and 2-month contract 3rd Place: £1,000 and 1-month contract If the collaboration is successful and a good fit is identified, there is a possibility of extending the relationship beyond the initial contract period. Partners At Ribbonfish, we value the significance of strategic partnerships to propel us to greater heights. In this regard, we are thrilled to announce our partners from the UK’s top universities namely Imperial College WSET, LSESU Women in Tech, and UCL Data Science Society. Imperial College WSET is Imperial’s largest Community of Women. It is composed of IC Women in Science, Engineering and Technology society which aims to support female-identifying and non-binary students both academically and socially. On the other hand, London School of Economics Women in Tech has one aim – empower women to enter the world of technology. From a broader perspective, this society wants to discuss and see ways to close the gender gap in tech by empowering women and gender minorities who want to enter the tech industry. Finally, UCL DSS is a community of tech-driven change-makers. Driven by its belief, it seeks to light the spark of data science across the UCL community by spreading (1) awareness of the power AI has to define the future, (2) knowledge on the building blocks of machine learning, and (3) opportunity to build a career in data science. What’s next Very soon, we will reveal who has been selected to participate in this endeavor. We’re excited to witness their tech prowess as they dive into the next phase of the competition. Watch out for this space for an electrifying journey of originality, collaboration, and groundbreaking solutions!