Introducing the Infinix HOT 40 Series: Where Gaming, Entertainment, and Innovation Meet – Femme Hub

Introducing the Infinix HOT 40 Series: Where Gaming, Entertainment, and Innovation Meet - Femme Hub

The Infinix HOT 40 series is now officially here, featuring the HOT 40 Pro, HOT 40, and HOT 40i models. Gamers are in for a good run even on lower budgets as Infinix has something for everyone in need of an action-packed smartphone to level up their mobile entertainment experience. This new series showcases significant upgrades in processor, display, camera capabilities, and software. While maintaining its leading position in fast charging in its category, it continues to offer a fast and fun experience in mobile gaming and entertainment. “The HOT 40 SERIES leads the way with its exceptional performance and groundbreaking features, all packed in an aesthetically stunning design. It embodies Infinix vision of delivering a high-quality experience to our users, merging advanced technology with style and practicality, and all at a reasonable price,” said Summer Yao, HOT Series Product Director at Infinix .

The Pinnacle of Smartphone Gaming & Entertainment

The HOT 40 SERIES is all about making your daily life easier, whether you’re working, gaming, or just relaxing with some entertainment. Take the HOT 40 Pro, for example. It’s built to give you top-notch performance, and its 5000mAh battery is a real powerhouse, especially with the exclusive Power Marathon solution. What’s really cool is the Ultra Power Saving mode. When your battery hits 5%, you can still get up to 2 extra hours of talk time. That means you can stay connected even when your battery’s running low. Not only does the device come with 33W Enduring FastCharge technology, but it’s also got real-time temperature monitoring. This cool feature lets you charge the battery super fast—from 20% to 75% in only 35 minutes[1]! And the best part? It’s designed to keep your battery safe and extend its life for up to 4 years[1], giving you peace of mind while juicing up your device. Top of Form The HOT 40 Pro is like a dream come true for gaming lovers. It’s got this super powerful MediaTek Helio G99 octa-core 6nm gaming processor that takes gaming to a whole new level. Picture this: a mind-blowing 1200Hz touch sampling rate that’s eight times more precise than regular screens! And that’s not all—there’s a Hard-Gyroscope sensor and Infinix’s XBOOST Gaming Engine on board. Together, they let gamers fine-tune their settings for the absolute best performance. Trust me, this combo guarantees an unbeatable and totally immersive gaming experience on your mobile. Unparalleled Speed & Performance

The HOT 40 Pro is all about that premium experience with its flagship 120Hz FHD+ screen—it’s like buttery smoothness for your eyes. But wait, there’s more! The HOT 40 SERIES introduces this awesome feature called the Magic Ring. It’s like your personal info hub, keeping you in the loop about face lock status, charging updates, and incoming voice calls, making everything super easy to keep track of. And get this: it doesn’t stop there. With expandable memory of up to 16GB, the HOT 40 Pro kicks things up a notch, doubling the power of its already impressive 8G memory. That means lightning-fast loading times and the ability to handle a whopping 18 apps running at once. But that’s not even the coolest part! It’s packed with Infinix’s groundbreaking Metamaterial Antenna, giving you faster and more reliable signal performance. Download speeds shoot up by 68%, signal strength gets a boost of 6dB, and game latency? Reduced by a whopping 36%. Now that’s what I call an all-around upgrade! Fantastic Photographs & Sharp Selfies As camera usage continues to grow, the HOT 40 Pro steps up with enhanced capabilities. It boasts a 108MP main camera with the HM6 sensor, ensuring sharp and clear images with 0.64-micron pixels, even after cropping. The 2MP macro lens is ideal for capturing close-up shots of textures and intricate details. The 32MP AI-enhanced front camera delivers exceptional group photos and selfies, even in low-light, thanks to its advanced front flash. Moreover, the HOT 40 Pro offers various modes for exciting photos and videos on different occasions, including Professional Portrait Mode, Sky Remap, and Dual View Video, enhancing the photography and videography experience. In terms of design, the HOT 40 SERIES stands out with a dazzling design featuring a layer of sparkling crystals against a starry texture. This design has a lustrous finish that shifts in appearance as it reflects light from different angles. The HOT 40 Pro is available in Horizon Gold, Starlit Black, Palm Blue, and the newly introduced Starfall Green. This new color option combines black and green in a luminous, color-shifting blend, creating an aurora-like effect reminiscent of a starlit sky. Availability

Priced as follows : HOT 40i 128+4 Ksh 17,299, HOT 40i 256+8 Ksh 22,499,HOT 40 256+8 Ksh 26,999 and HOT 40 Pro 256+ Upto 16GB RAM Ksh 28,399 , the HOT 40 SERIES will be tailored to specific retailer needs and prices will vary from shop to shop. Stay tuned to Infinix’s regional pages and social channels for updates on availability and pricing.