Ipsos House: The ideal arena for uncovering the truth behind human behaviour

Experiments at Ipsos House seek to understand facets of human behaviour with a combination of verbal and non-verbal techniques and taking into consideration the influence of emotional responses. The wide applications for research studies across sectors are demonstrated in these case studies, which span food and beverage consumer goods, banking and politics.

How purchase decisions are affected by emotion

In the celebratory context of the 2018 World Cup, an investigation at Ipsos House monitored spectators’ responses to football games to understand how the resulting different emotional states alter consumers’ food and beverage purchase decisions.

The key takeaway is that emotions generated from a positive or negative scenario have a significant influence on shopping behaviour.

Retaining and attracting customers in banking

As banks want to understand what they can offer to retain existing customers and attract new ones, this study reveals the appeal of various banking products and services to determine how strongly they are valued by the customer.

It finds that the factors that really drive customers to switch banks relate to convenience, security and mobility of money.

Winning over voters with the right words

Taking place during the Mexican presidential campaign, an investigation into the emotional side of political preferences explores how an individual’s intention to vote for a particular candidate can change as a result of the emotions elicited through media channels, such as televised debates.

Results indicate that in presidential elections, emotion can come before rationality.

More about Ipsos House

Ipsos House is a modular research facility with installations of different environments that reproduce common spaces in which people interact daily. This allows for contexts and scenarios to be recreated in the most realistic way possible.

Ipsos House contains a bar, a doctor’s office, a bank branch, a supermarket, a neighbourhood shop, and even a confessionary, where, without the need for a priest, participants can reveal their most secret thoughts. All these spaces are adaptable to the needs of research, considering the necessary psychographic characteristics.

The House is equipped with the latest technology in verbal and non-verbal techniques to bring the real context into a controlled environment. It has audio and video equipment in all areas, and neuroscience tools to record behaviour such as GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), Eye tracking, Facial Coding, EEG, and VR.

These design features make the research space of Ipsos House an optimal arena for exploring – and ultimately better understanding – human behaviour.

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