Is Telepathy Tech the Next World-Changing Innovation?

Is it possible to literally read someone’s mind? Mental telepathy is often thought of as a product of science fiction, but according to Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen, acclaimed inventor, scientist, entrepreneur, futurist and gifted speaker, it’s an imminent reality. Dr. Jepsen, who was also a professor at the renowned MIT Media Lab, is leading the revolution in telepathic tech. This innovation may enhance the creative potential and output of marketers and communicators in every industry. If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” one can only imagine telepathy’s ability to expand the power of ideas.

Though undoubtedly a cutting-edge breakthrough, telepathic tech is the result of Jepsen reimagining a technology that has been around for a long time: the large and expensive MRI machine. As the founder of the startup Openwater, and with over 200 patents to her name, she is developing devices that can capture images of both the body and mind through inexpensive consumer products, signaling a coming revolution – as early as 2020 – in health care affordability and accessibility. Groundbreaking though it is, this impending telepathic transformation is only the latest stage in Jepsen’s long career of turning the seemingly impossible into the inevitable.

Jepsen worked as a leading technical executive with Facebook, Oculus, Google and Intel, and has founded four startups, including the non-profit One Laptop Per Child that gave $100 laptops to children in developing countries. Jepsen bridges humanitarian imperatives with a clear ability to locate the commercial potential of scientific breakthroughs and translate innovative ideas into financial success. In the fast-paced digital economy in which we all operate, business acumen often depends on technological know-how, and vice versa. Jepsen possesses both skill sets, in addition to an ability that is arguably even more important: powerful creative vision.

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