Jamaica Centre for Tourism Innovation Hosts Students at Career Expo

Jamaica Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, emphasized the significance of the event, boasting, “This expo brings to your consciousness the various career paths that exist within the tourism space and helps you to debunk the misinformation that tourism is a low-wage, low-skilled activity. We’re building the new workforce of which you’re going to be a part of on two critical factors. One is merit. Merit that is based on your certification and your competence. The other is equity. Equity says you will not be denied a career path in tourism.” From the vibrant opening ceremony to the interactive sessions that spanned the day, the Expo was a hub of opportunity and learning. More than 700 students were able to network with the 15 organizations, which showcased the breadth of careers in tourism, from traditional roles to sectors not commonly associated with tourism, highlighting the industry’s diverse career potential. Students obtained the contact details of local companies while engaging with important company executives. Carol Rose Brown, Director of the JCTI, shared: “The enthusiasm and curiosity from students today reaffirm the importance of our work at the JCTI.” “By bridging the gap between education and industry, we’re not only supporting Jamaica’s tourism sector but also empowering our youth to build rewarding careers that contribute to our nation’s development.” The day concluded on a high note with a spirited Jeopardy-type game involving students from eight schools, showcasing their knowledge and passion for tourism. Olecia Robinson, a student of HEART College for Hospitality Services emerged victorious, winning $50,000 for her school and a tablet and trophy for herself. The JCTI Career Expo has once again proven to be a pivotal event for students, educators, and industry professionals alike, fostering connections, and inspiring the next generation of tourism leaders in Jamaica. With more than 15,000 individuals certified through the JCTI, this year’s attendees are set to form the genesis for the next 15,000 tourism professionals to receive global benchmark certifications.