MAKING THE VERSO SYSTEM – New Gill sailing jackets latest innovation – Boat Gold Coast

MAKING THE VERSO SYSTEM - New Gill sailing jackets latest innovation - Boat Gold Coast

Gill has been crafting technical sailing clothing & equipment for almost 50 years, so they like to think they know a thing or two about what makes high performance sailing jackets. However, like many sports, sailing is constantly evolving. That’s why they’re continually testing and refining fabric technologies and the design process to craft sailing clothing that can take the wearer further. The new Verso System is a testament to this process; featuring the most advanced fabric technologies, XPLORE+®and XPEL®, in a streamlined design. With the intensive physical and mental demands that sailing requires, Gill knew it was essential to engineer an innovative sailing jacket and trousers that offer complete freedom of movement while being able to withstand extreme conditions and remain comfortable. THE VERSO SYSTEM Professional offshore sailor, Conrad Colman, who’s been wearing Gill products for most of his sailing career, says “The Verso line combines ocean-grade strength with super breathable fabrics that make for a winning combination. I wore the Verso jacket and trousers every day in the solo transatlantic race, the Route du Rhum, and they kept up with my high workload from winter in the north Atlantic to the heat of the Caribbean. Previously I have tended to wear specialised oceanspec garments when going offshore, but now the Verso system’s new highly breathable fabric allows me to work harder for longer and still has the strength to manage true ocean conditions.” WHAT INSPIRED THE VERSO JACKET AND TROUSERS AND WHOM ARE THEY AIMED AT? Speaking to solo racers and high-performance match racing teams, Gill saw an opportunity to meet the needs of those looking for guaranteed wet-weather protection, but without the weight, bulk, and stiffness of more traditional sailing systems. These same individuals were also looking for sailing clothing that would aid and enhance their competitive edge on the water. As a result of this consultation and race-proven design testing, Gill created a lightweight, 2-piece suit with an athletic cut, reducing unnecessary bulk and eliminating obsolete pockets and overlays. HOW IS THE VERSO SYSTEM DIFFERENT FROM GILL’S OTHER SAILING SYSTEMS? The Verso system is aimed squarely at the performance water athlete looking for the latest in fabric technology and design innovation. Gill wanted to create a family of styles that not only protect you from the elements but also enhance your performance on the water. These styles feature the latest in fabric innovation, using a new 3-layer XPLORE+® fabric, protected by our exclusive XPEL® water and stain-repellent technology. WHERE DID THE NAME VERSO COME FROM? It’s a variation on terms that Gill thought summed up a spirit of performance and innovation – ‘versatile design’ and ‘versus the elements’. HOW HAVE PRODUCTS CHANGED AND DEVELOPED IN LINE WITH THE CHANGING REQUIREMENTS OF SAILORS AND PERFORMANCE NEEDS? The lifeblood of any performance sport is the constant evolution of materials, design, and engineering. This also applies to the development of performance sportswear. As boat speeds increase and conditions become more extreme we’ve focused on ensuring our fabric technologies, garment construction, and pattern engineering is just as rigorous. During this first quarter year, Gill will be launching a female-specific Verso Drysuit following the introduction of the recently launched Verso Drysuit, with a really innovative and practical entry system, plus launching a Verso Lite collection featuring lightweight XPLORE® 2-layer waterproof fabrics which offer both comfort and durability. To discover more about the Verso System, visit  Muir’s Marine at Manly QLD harbour. Published in print January-March 2024