Market Leader’s Podcast Episode 90: “Generations, Innovation, and Results: The Future of Legal Marketing” with John Byrne | PipelinePlus

Market Leader’s Podcast Episode 90:

In this episode of The Market Leaders Podcast, host David Ackert sits down with John Byrne, Chief Marketing Officer at Gould & Ratner and incoming President-elect of LMA. They explore upcoming themes and objectives for the Legal Marketing Association as they approach their fortieth anniversary in 2025. Highlights include:  Reflections on the evolution of the legal marketing profession and the challenges and opportunities posed by generational differences in the workplace. Recognition of the growing value brought by legal marketers and the importance of collective knowledge-sharing within the profession. Emphasis on the need for legal marketers to adapt to changing dynamics and embrace new perspectives to continue driving growth and innovation in the industry. John also touches upon:  The evolving roles of Chief Marketing Officers, with many transitioning to Chief Strategy roles. Increased recognition of marketing talents, resulting in more marketers sitting at decision-making tables. A shift towards results-driven marketing and ROI-driven strategies. The impact of technological advancements on modernizing marketing practices. Challenges and opportunities in education and networking, particularly due to the pandemic’s shift to remote interactions. Advice for professionals looking to get involved in LMA, encouraging proactive engagement and leveraging networking opportunities within the legal marketing community. Tune in for these insights and more from John Byrne on this episode of The Market Leaders Podcast.