Matlakas art work on human behaviour – I Support Street ArtI Support Street Art

Matlakas hits the streets of South East London with the iconic pieces. The artist through his work analyzes society and human misbehaviourwhich he then depicts with an amusing attitude.

On the left the mural in red is entitled “The brainwash”. Matlakas explains that in society and in each various culture we are informed how the world works to then find that we have still a lot to discover and discover the real way of how to act on the planet. We are all brainwashed in different degrees, our function is to gradually find our own truth.

The painting in the black background is entitled “What to combat for”.

This work has to do with the corona outbreak and the mess it developed worldwide. Matlakas criticizes the reality that the risk of war and dispute is and was constantly there and that deaths are developed by the biggest virus on earth, humans … The lock down and the pandemic appears to be the only issue on earth, however there is far more to think of! Take a look at a couple of tanks painted in London!