MBDA’s CEO Eric Béranger Highlights Strategic Growth and Innovation at Annual Press Conference –

MBDA's CEO Eric Béranger Highlights Strategic Growth and Innovation at Annual Press Conference -

MBDA’s CEO Eric Béranger Highlights Strategic Growth and Innovation at Annual Press Conference MBDA, a global leader in defence solutions, held its annual press conference in Paris today, where CEO Eric Béranger shared the Group’s impressive results for 2023 and outlined strategies for addressing future challenges amidst a complex international landscape. Reflecting on MBDA’s origins rooted in European cooperation, Béranger emphasized the company’s evolution into a worldwide leader in the defence sector. He underscored the importance of adapting to an ever-changing environment while fostering cooperation, particularly at the European level, to meet the evolving demands of customers and allies. Béranger stressed the significance of maintaining sovereignty in an environment where international norms face increasing challenges. In 2023, MBDA secured significant domestic contracts, including orders for Aster missiles for France and Italy, Akeron MP and Mistral 3 for France, Enforcer for Germany, CAMM-ER for Italy, and Sea Viper evolution for the UK, among others. Additionally, MBDA recorded substantial export orders, including contracts for CAMM missiles in Poland and Sweden, and the mid-life refurbishment of SCALP missiles for Greece. Highlighting the importance of comprehensive defence solutions, Béranger emphasized the need for multi-layered Air Defence systems, exemplified by successful cooperation projects like Aster and CAMM missiles. He noted the emergence of new warfare trends such as drone usage, addressed by MBDA’s flagship solution, Sky Warden, designed to counter unmanned aerial systems threats effectively. Innovation remains a key focus for MBDA, with preparations underway to address evolving threats and new conflict domains. Béranger discussed advancements in deep strike capabilities, including the development of FC/ASW with Italy joining France and the UK. He highlighted Hydis², a consortium involving 14 European countries, developing Aquila to counter hypersonic threats. Additionally, AI solutions for collaborative combat, demonstrated by Orchestrike, and strides in directed energy weapons such as DragonFire in the UK, the Laser Weapon Demonstrator (LWD) in Germany, and Cilas in France, were mentioned. Béranger also emphasized MBDA’s involvement in safeguarding strategic assets in space, exemplified by their recent participation in the AsterX exercise. MBDA’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and addressing emerging threats positions the company as a formidable force in the global defence landscape, ensuring the safety and security of nations and their strategic interests.