Meet Greg Hanson: Driving Growth & Innovation as Browzwear’s New COO

Meet Greg Hanson: Driving Growth & Innovation as Browzwear's New COO

Staying ahead of the curve the world of fashion technology demands not only innovation but also exceptional leadership. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Greg Hanson as our new Chief Operating Officer (COO) here at Browzwear. With vast experience in driving high-growth strategies and pioneering product management, Greg’s addition marks a significant milestone in our mission to transform the apparel industry. Before joining Browzwear, Greg held the position of Chief Product Officer at Billtrust, where he led projects that transformed B2B payments. He also made waves at PrecisionLender, a top player in commercial loan pricing tools, contributing significantly to its impressive growth. Greg’s experience with leading organizations like The Gordian Group, LendingTree & (NASDAQ: TREE), GuildQuality, and Bullhorn speaks volumes about his knack for driving growth and leading strategic moves. As COO, Greg will play a key role in boosting Browzwear’s growth strategies, smoothing operations, and strengthening our position in the market. His appointment highlights our commitment to top-notch quality and innovation as we continue to empower fashion brands, retailers, and manufacturers with cutting-edge 3D fashion design software tools for product creation and workflow management. Greg’s appointment as COO marks a new chapter in Browzwear’s journey, characterized by innovation, expansion, and an unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving demands of the fashion industry. Check out the full press release for a deeper look at Greg Hanson’s appointment and Browzwear’s vision for the future.