Methane Abatement in Maritime Innovation Initiative launches – Splash247

A coalition of top shipping names has launched a project to identify, accelerate and advocate technology solutions for the maritime industry to measure and manage methane emissions activity.

Maran Gas Maritime, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), Carnival Corporation, Seaspan, Shell, Lloyd’s Register and Knutsen have come onboard the Methane Abatement in Maritime (MAM) Innovation Initiative, which aims to minimise the environmental impact of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in shipping, whilst aiding the transition to future fuel solutions.

In its first year, members will seek to identify and pilot new technologies to monitor and reduce methane slip from vessels fuelled by LNG. Once these solutions have been validated, the initiative will seek to endorse them to the industry from 2023.

“Measuring the scale of methane emissions, and understanding if they can be managed to negligible levels, will signal if liquefied bio methane (LBM) and liquefied synthetic methane (LSM) are viable pathway fuels to help achieve 2050 decarbonisation targets,” a release from the new group stated.

Andreas Spertos, technical director at Maran Gas Maritime, commented: “Maran Gas Maritime has long been convinced of the advantages of LNG as a clean burning fuel and as an alternative marine fuel. However, in light of the strong warming potential of methane releases to the atmosphere, keeping tight control over methane emissions is critical to ensure that LNG’s overall GHG footprint delivers as much GHG reduction as possible versus conventional marine fuels.”

There are plenty of other projects ongoing studying similar methane abatement tech as shipping faces negative headlines for all the LNG-fuelled ships it is ordering these days. Since 2010 the number of vessels fuelled by LNG has grown consistently by 20-40% per annum.