New podcast from The Agile Brand discusses factors driving business innovation

New podcast from The Agile Brand discusses factors driving business innovation

The Innovation Economy launches
with three distinct looks at the future of work

From the creators of the award-winning The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast, now in its fifth year with 400+ episodes and nearly 1.5 million downloads, comes a new show that is focused on the internal operations of successful organizations. The Innovation Economy podcast looks at the factors that drive business growth, including how people, processes, platforms, and places work together to create the future of work, and launches September 7, 2023.

There are three series within The Innovation Economy podcast:
● The Innovation Economy: Intrapreneurs with Adam Chen
○ While entrepreneurs are often lauded with creating new businesses and ideas, it is more often the case that change agents working within organizations—intrapreneurs—are responsible for innovation and seeing those new ideas through to completion.
○ It is hosted by Adam Chen, President at AmenityLinc and long-time changemaker within innovative organizations.

● The Innovation Economy: Brand the Change with Bonnie Habyan
○ The Innovation Economy: The Brand the Change series focuses on how intrapreneurs and engaged employees can leverage their personal brand and superpowers to support their company, secure their own future, and create unprecedented value.
○ It is hosted by Bonnie Habyan, Chief Marketing Officer at X-Caliber, and marketer, author, speaker, and content creator.

● The Innovation Economy: Inspiration + Location with Greg Kihlström
○ The Innovation Economy: Inspiration + Location will feature 12 guests and topics over the course of a year that will talk about what it’s like to build businesses, work, and live in innovative places. It is sponsored by Arlington Economic Development.
○ It is hosted by Greg Kihlström, Principal at GK5A and best-selling author, entrepreneur and advisor to leading organizations.

The Innovation Economy is now available from all major podcast outlets like Apple, Spotify, and Amazon as well as from The Agile Brand Guide website at:

The podcast is presented by The Agile Brand and produced by Missing Link—a Latina-owned strategy-driven, creatively fueled production co-op. From ideation to creation, they craft human connections through intelligent, engaging and informative content.

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