NTNU leads European Parliament study on water, marine, and maritime innovation

NTNU has been entrusted by the STOA of the European Parliament to spearhead a groundbreaking study aimed at elucidating the pivotal role of a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) in the water, marine, and maritime sectors and ecosystems. This initiative seeks to explore how sustainable innovation, value creation, and the quality of life for European citizens can be substantially enhanced through strategic collaboration and technological advancement. The study, under the direction of a distinguished team of experts led by Siri Granum Carson from NTNU, aims to provide comprehensive insights into the potential contributions of a WMM KIC. Richard Sempere of Aix Marseille University (AMU), Pentti Kujala of Aalto University, and Sveinung Sægrov of NTNU serve as lead experts in marine, maritime, and water domains, respectively. This diverse expert panel, along with the support of the EOREA executive committee and other stakeholders, ensures a holistic and rigorous examination of the subject matter. The study, titled “The role of technology and innovation in water and ocean,” delves into pressing issues such as water scarcity, sustainable fishing, ocean preservation, and circular economy, among others. It addresses the fragmentation in education, science, innovation, and technology activities within these sectors and aims to bridge the gap between academia, research, and entrepreneurship. The four-step procedure encompasses a thorough literature review, stakeholder engagement through surveys and interviews, analysis of results, and compilation of key findings. The ultimate objective is to provide actionable recommendations for the establishment and operation of a WMM KIC, fostering an environment conducive to transformative technological developments and market deployment. Siri Granum Carson emphasizes, “Our study aims to draw a landscape of current and emerging technologies, identify areas for further research and innovation, and propose strategies to meet climate goals and support sustainable growth.” The outcomes of this study will inform discussions on the creation of an EIT-funded WMM KIC and contribute to the development of framework conditions conducive to innovation and societal benefit. The survey follows a public consultation that invites potential EU stakeholders to provide their input by the 26th of February. The survey is expected to take about 10-15 minutes to complete, depending on the response depth. You can access the survey here.