NTT DATA and Schneider Electric Join Forces to Drive AI Innovation at the Edge

NTT DATA and Schneider Electric have unveiled a first-of-a-kind co-innovation that empowers enterprises to harness the power of edge computing. The strategic partnership introduces a unique solution that seamlessly integrates Edge, Private 5G, IOT, and Modular Data Centers, providing unparalleled connectivity, and supports the computational demands of Generative AI applications deployed at the edge. The joint offering combines NTT DATA’s Edge as a Service, which includes fully managed Edge to Cloud, Private 5G, and IoT capabilities, with Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure, a modular data center that fuses OT solutions with the latest in IT technologies. This powerful combination enables companies to maximize energy efficiency and meet the demands of compute-intensive tasks such as machine vision, predictive maintenance, and other AI inferencing applications at the edge. “We’ve listened to our customers and know that processing vast amounts of data generated by edge devices is where the future of digital transformation lies. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we have the solution to meet these obstacles and are ready to lead the way towards a more connected and efficient digital world. We are thrilled at the prospect of what our continued collaboration with Schneider Electric means for the industrial and other sectors,” said Shahid Ahmed, EVP New Ventures, and Innovation at NTT Ltd. Customers can now implement a complete solution, including edge data centers tailored for digital transformation in remote and brownfield locations, where high compute demands critical infrastructure, such as power, cooling, racks, and specialized IoT and AI management systems. The companies will go to market to address joint customer requirements to meet the growing demand from organizations who are looking to leverage edge compute to support automation and enable data-driven decision making. According to NTT DATA’s Edge Advantage report nearly 70% of enterprises are accelerating edge adoption to solve critical business challenges. With today’s news, NTT DATA and Schneider Electric announced they are delivering the first Private 5G enabled deployment of an EcoStruxure Data Center at Marienpark Berlin. The historic site will be developed into a leading innovation park. The area spans over 30-hectare, equivalent to 74 acres, and will focus on delivering enhanced connectivity and compute experiences for users across the campus. “Today’s innovation ecosystems in Marienpark increasingly depend on specific technological infrastructures. Easy-to-access computational power combined with advanced connectivity are a key issue. We need an innovative environment with such an infrastructure to satisfy future user demands of our community,” said Guido Schütte, Managing Director, Marienpark Berlin. NTT DATA and Schneider Electric initially co-innovated to test the power of Private 5G at Schneider Electric’s Lexington Smart Factory, the first of Schneider Electric’s U.S. plants to become a Smart Factory showcase site leveraging Private 5G, IoT connectivity, edge analytics, and predictive analytics to drive energy efficiency and further sustainability goals. “After leveraging NTT DATA’s expertise in Private 5G connectivity and then maximizing synergies with our EcoStruxure architecture in our facilities, it’s time to expand our collaboration and bring a complete solution to industrial customers,” s aid Rob McKernan, President, Cloud & Service Provider Segment at Schneider Electric. “Together, we aim to assist global clients in adopting connected devices, specialized industrial solutions, and the right edge computing infrastructure with modular Data Centers to gain valuable data insights, particularly in the context of IoT and emerging AI requirements.” The collaboration addresses the challenges brought on by industry 4.0 applications, ensuring seamless connectivity, high bandwidth, and secure low latency connections through Edge data centers. “Industry 4.0 relies on actionable, data-driven intelligence delivered in real time whether that be in a factory, an industrial park, an airport, or an office campus,” said Camille Mendler, Chief Analyst, Enterprise Services, Omdia. “AI-enriched data already accounts for a third of enterprise network traffic, but it will dominate digital interactions by 2030. To profit from AI insights, enterprises must invest in digital resources at the edge, and the technology infrastructure that powers it, now.”