One Energy And Marathon Apply For Innovation Hub Grant – WFIN Local News

One Energy And Marathon Apply For Innovation Hub Grant - WFIN Local News

One Energy And Marathon Apply For Innovation Hub Grant (From One Energy) One Energy Enterprises Inc., in collaboration with Marathon Petroleum Corporation, is pleased to announce the companies’ joint application for an Ohio Innovation Hubs Grant. If successful in securing, the parties intend to progress efforts to establish the Black Swamp Combinator, a pioneering innovation hub for energy technology startups, in Findlay, Ohio. The Black Swamp Combinator seeks to develop a sustainable ecosystem for physical energy tech startups. Drawing inspiration from Northwest Ohio’s historic Black Swamp region – the birthplace of the modern oil and natural gas industry over a century ago – the Combinator aims to leverage this rich energy heritage to support future innovations. The Combinator’s objective is to attract, nurture and expedite the growth of early-phase startups, accelerating their development into enduring energy tech enterprises. The Combinator would plan to offer significant resources, expert advice, and mentorship to early-stage companies, including support from world-class corporations, industry advisors and research institutions in the vicinity. Jereme Kent, CEO of One Energy, remarked, “Global industrial operations are fundamentally reliant on energy, yet innovation in the power and grid sector is notably sluggish. The American entrepreneurial spirit needs to invigorate the power grid, and this Combinator is poised to catalyze that transformation.” Dave Heppner, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at Marathon, stated, “We believe enabling continued innovation in Northwest Ohio can play an important role in supplying sustainable fuels and energy solutions for many decades to come. As the energy landscape evolves, opportunities and partnerships like the proposed Combinator are critical to advancing the development of ideas and capabilities that support continued success in the American energy industry. “ The Combinator is seeking, but has not yet been awarded, a $15 million grant from the Ohio Department of Development’s Innovation Hubs program. This endeavor is part of the broader Innovation Hubs program, designed to position Ohio and the nation as leaders in innovation. For more information on the Ohio Innovation Hubs program, please visit View key pages from the application  here .