Ontario Launches Hydrogen Innovation Fund (HIF)

Ontario Launches Hydrogen Innovation Fund (HIF)

The periodic table begins with hydrogen. Hydrogen is colorless and odourless, makes up about 75% of the mass in the universe, and can potentially keep carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere when combined with carbon capture, utilization, and storage. This makes it a particularly interesting element for producing natural gas and electricity.

In collaboration with Ontario’s newly announced Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy, the Government of Ontario is launching the Hydrogen Innovation Fund which is a clean technology funding program. This program will invest $15 million over the next three years to support eligible projects that benefit electricity supply, capacity, storage, and demand management, and boost the overall growth of Ontario’s hydrogen economy.

“When energy is reliable, affordable, and clean, our whole province wins. The Hydrogen Innovation Fund will help to lay the groundwork for hydrogen to contribute to our diverse energy supply, supporting game-changing investments in electric vehicle production, green steelmaking and clean manufacturing that will create good paying jobs, grow our economy, and reduce emissions.”
– Todd Smith, Minister of Energy.

Administered by the Independent Electricity System Operator, the Hydrogen Innovation Fund is open for applications as of April 2023. Natural Resources Canada estimates that with support, hydrogen could hopefully make up about 30% of the country’s fuels and feedstock by 2050 and create 100,000 jobs in Ontario.

Funding Snapshot: Hydrogen Innovation Fund (HIF)

The goal of the Hydrogen Innovation Fund (HIF) is to investigate, evaluate, and demonstrate how low-carbon hydrogen technologies can be integrated into Ontario’s economy to balance and strengthen the province’s electricity system.

“As a fuel that can be produced and used with little to no greenhouse gas emissions, hydrogen has tremendous potential to help us meet our long-term economic and environmental goals.”
– David Piccini, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

Funding Amount

With a total budget of $15 million over three years, the HIF program will support projects that test existing and emerging technologies to determine how hydrogen resources can support reliability, affordability, and sustainability.

Eligible applicants can receive up to maximum 50% of eligible project costs.

Eligible Applicants

Both for-profit and not-for-profit incorporated entities can apply to the HIF program.

Eligible Projects

The HIF program includes three project types:

  • Projects at existing facilities that are already built. Demonstration projects to commence by June 30, 2024;
  • Projects at new facilities that are not yet constructed. Demonstration projects to commence by December 31, 2025; and
  • Projects undertaking research and/or feasibility studies that could investigate the feasibility of different hydrogen approaches or support future decision- making. Final reports to be submitted by June 30, 2024.


Application proposals must have been submitted between April 3 and May 5, 2023. Keep an eye out for future intakes as they come out by subscribing to our free weekly funding newsletter.

Government Funding for Research and Development

Funding for research and development (R&D) projects supports Canada’s innovation and enables businesses to achieve competitive advantages over other domestic and international firms.

Businesses should note that R&D funding programs are not only for research-focused companies and large businesses with substantial R&D budgets, but also for smaller companies that seek an edge over products and services that currently dominate the market.

To learn more about research opportunities available in Canada in collaborative with other institutions, download our Collaborative Research Project Guideand gain insights into partnership processes and how funding can drastically offset costs of R&D activities.

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