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Open development must be a whole company mindset which consists of leading and bottom. It ought to be shown in all kinds of management. Here are the main qualities of the open innovation leadership design:

Leader wishes to listen more, not to be listened to more
There are two types of leaders: those who are listening and offering a service to the team, and those who expect the team to provide a service to them. To use open innovation, leaders should try to practice listening and doing what team and consumers want. Belief in own supremacy and lack of trust towards the group and customers will not develop an open culture.

Leader focuses on consumer centric objectives, instead of internal ones
Nothing eliminates development quicker than concentrating on internal objectives like financing, legal, IT management, personnels, etc. A leader should reach these goals as well, however need to constantly remain concentrated on customers. Leadership which concentrates on internal objectives only without considering consumers will make the company less open, more concentrated on itself, and less competitive.

Leader takes risks, and improves at taking them
Open development is a danger taking method. Opening implies going outdoors safety limits developed by years of mistakes. A leader which takes less dangers is actually taking the greatest danger– not being open and not innovating. Open innovation leader will take risks and learn how to handle the group and customers through mistakes.

Leading teams through open innovation needs listening, consumer focus, and taking risks. These abilities can be found out easily if the leader is encouraged.

Publishing date: 4 Nov 2020