Options Industry Conference to Cover Industry Growth, Innovation, and Regulation – Traders Magazine

Options Industry Conference to Cover Industry Growth, Innovation, and Regulation - Traders Magazine

The Options Industry Conference (OIC) in Asheville, North Carolina will be an invaluable opportunity for the industry to come together, exchange insights, and explore many of the emerging trends and developments in the options market, according to Ed Modla, Executive Director, Investor Education at the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC). The 42nd annual conference will take place on April 30 – May 2 at the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville. This three-day event brings together the most diverse and accessible group of key industry professionals, influential speakers, and top-quality content to curate an experience of connecting, learning, and engaging. In addition to the impressive lineup of speakers, there will be plenty of social events with networking and collaboration. Modla said attendees consistently express their feeling that “OIC tops their list of conference experiences throughout the year.” “This is a priority conference for those in the options industry, and we expect a strong turnout of around 400 attendees,” he added. According to Mat Cashman, Principal, Investor Education at OCC, said that the Options Industry Conference changes locations yearly, but this is the first year they’re holding it in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina: “The response has been fantastic thus far, with attendance tracking higher than last year’s event.” “The conference has always included opportunities for networking and connection with industry colleagues, but I think this year’s location provides a stunning backdrop for those conversations and one that will be memorable for everyone in attendance,” he said. Cashman added that the Option Industry has seen record growth over the last five years. Cleared volume statistics continue to trend higher and with that expansion comes the natural reflection from within the industry on how to create an environment that continues to foster that growth responsibly, he said. “One of our aims in constructing the agenda was to make room for those discussions to occur in an organic and natural way,” he said. Many of the agenda items will reference topics like responsible growth, changes in potential regulations, and cutting-edge innovations from within the industry, said Cashman, adding that attendees will hear from industry leaders who will share their viewpoint from both macro and micro levels. The keynote speaker this year will be Navy SEAL Commander (Ret.) Rorke Denver. The keynote presentation will be fascinating, commented Modla, saying that Rourke has a unique way of engaging an audience with inspiring tales of leadership forged in the crucible of adversity. “His story of leadership, determination, team building, and peak performance will captivate everyone who is fortunate enough to attend,” he said. Cashman cited a few panels that he thinks hold unique value within this agenda. “While volume numbers continue to reach new highs each year, it strikes me that one of the pillars of any strategy to continue to expand the footprint of this industry will reside in its ability to innovate,” he said. One with particular relevance at this moment is “The Option Trailblazers: Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation,” he said. “I’m excited to hear about those innovations from experts at the forefront of the organizations who continue to push those boundaries forward,” he added. Cashman said he’s also keen to hear from the industry experts on “Embedded Optionality: Shaping the Future of the Industry” – both the moderator and panelists have unique perspectives on “where we are in the state of the industry and where it might be headed over the next decade”. Industry panelists, including Andrej Bolkovic, CEO, OCC, will discuss exchange operations, the state of competition, the return of floor trading and the overall resiliency for the next 50 years. Modla added that he will pay particular attention to “Market Landscape: Where We Are and What is Next.” While many discussions will be specific to the options industry, he said, this panel will take a step back and offer a holistic view of the U.S. economy and what variables might play the largest role in aiding or hindering growth in the near term. As an educator, he is also drawn to “Engaging Today’s Investor: Are We Evolving with Them?” Modla said the need for options education has never been greater, and this panel will provide the audience with speakers from different sides of the industry, who will discuss their characterization of today’s options user and how to connect with them. “With engaging and inspiring content on stage, the chance to connect with industry colleagues, and the opportunity to develop new relationships, this conference will be productive and memorable,” he concluded.