PizzaRev Keeps Consumers Interested with Menu Innovation

There are many exciting reasons to join the PizzaREVolution. Not only does the franchise offer a strong position in the fast-casual segment with a distinctive craft your own® pizza concept, but it’s also constantly innovating with new menu items, generating plenty of consumer and press interest.

In fact, PizzaRev appeared in an article on to discuss the relaunch of its fan-favorite BBQ pulled pork pizza, a limited-time offer that delighted consumers all summer long. This summertime LTO aligned with PizzaRev’s goal to deliver fresh seasonal flavors to its devoted fan base.

And since the franchise is always innovating, fans and restaurateurs can expect that PizzaRev will experiment with even more culinary innovation this fall. Considering that PizzaRev offers more than 30 artisanal cheeses and top-notch ingredients along with gluten-free and vegan options, it’s no question that these innovations will be absolutely REVolutionary!

In fact, PizzaRev offers:

  • A wider variety of toppings than other similar concepts
  • Pizza that diners don’t have to feel guilty about
    • Options that fit every diet
    • Vegan and gluten-free options that make the restaurant attractive option for almost any consumer
    • Customers can build an entire pizza that’s under 500 calories!
  • Speed: 900-degree ovens flame-fire pizzas to crispy perfection in about 3 minutes, allowing the franchise to attract lunch-time customers; PizzaRev’s business is nearly 50/50 lunch dinner split, not dinner-driven like traditional pizza
  • And, value: toppings are at no extra cost

A deliciously simple yet satisfying concept, there’s a reason why PizzaRev holds such a strong position in the fast casual segment. Guests crave the franchise’s fully customizable experience that empowers them to create exactly what they want.

With even more exciting changes in the culinary pipeline, prospective franchisees can be excited to join a concept with a mission to be revolutionary, one pizza at a time. Prospects who share PizzaRev’s passion for revolutionizing how America eats pizza and seek to bring this unique concept to their communities can find a winning opportunity with PizzaRev.

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