Plunderstorm Developer Retrospective – An Experiment Driven by Innovation

Plunderstorm Developer Retrospective - An Experiment Driven by Innovation

inb4 the average wowhead commenter telling me i’m committing hatred crime just because I didn’t like this fortnite ripoff work on the actual game pls and thx The best new I have seen so far is the following “Plunderstorm is officially over” “There were a ton of first we tried with Plunderstorm. There are things we may do again, or may never do again. And all of that is ok! We learned a lot from this.”Hopefully they learned NOT to tie so many xmog/items to such a different game into WoW.Wrath pre-patch, do intro quest of the DK, max 30 minutes if you’re slow = 1 mount, that’s awesome.Laboring away for 20/40 hours depending on when you did the event = many more rewards, that’s not awesome.Put WoW stuff in WoW PROPER, stop tying so many rewards to different things not WoW. Next time, don’t make the grind 40 reknown levels. It was 30 levels too long and, for me, unfun from the very beginning, to the end of it. Ahhh it’s clean now. Tbh I enjoyed it once I figured out how to not die in the first minute. I like the innovation but using Steve Jobs as an example to look up to, when he ignored such poor working conditions at his Taiwanese electronics firm Foxconn isn’t something I’d write about. The 1m plunders achievement was too much Dont “force” player to grind like this when its limited time please :/ as someone who doesnt really fancy BRs, had quite a few enjoyable moments in my way to renown 40 (which I never thought I would hit).People who doesn’t understand game development may say that this was wasted resources, but I think what they have learned here can be used to improve the main game. We only experience the way it is served to us, but there are so many engineering, design and visual approaches to this game mode that differs from the main game that I am sure it will be useful for what to come. 🙂 I would’ve liked Plunderstorm an awful lot more had they not forced me to play it. This was mainly, not entirely though, fun for PvPers.The rest of us had to drag our backsides through this or lose out on a metric crapton of mogs and mounts + 750 tender, if you liked it, great I’m glad you did. I, however didn’t as I’ve never been a fan of battle royales and never will be. Thanks again for the game mode devs, really appreciate it! Maybe don’t quote a known narcissist like Steve Jobs as your inspiration. Garbage game mode. “Hate that guy, glad he’s gone”