Psyche Southwell Sheds Light on Innovation and Progress in 2023 Prime Minister’s Independence Lecture – Times Caribbean Online

– In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Independence, the Prime Minister’s Lecture Series featured Software Engineer and Fashion Blogger, Psyche Southwell. A distinguished figure with an illustrious lineage, being the daughter of Former UN Ambassador Ian Patches Liburd and Granddaughter of Paul Southwell, Former Premier and National Hero.Ms. Southwell’s presentation centered on four pivotal points, resonating with the audience on multiple levels. She emphasized how the nation’s smaller population size empowered the government to provide quality educational opportunities for every student, regardless of their circumstances. Southwell’s own journey was a testament to the success of such progressive policies.Drawing on her expertise as a software engineer, she urged the audience to harness technology for problem-solving. Highlighting the unseen yet impactful aspects of technology, she underscored how St. Kitts and Nevis could benefit from a heightened focus on embracing high-tech solutions.Concluding her address, Southwell celebrated the Federation’s enhanced capabilities in 2023, equipped with a wealth of resources and intelligence to craft enduring solutions. She encouraged reflection on the lessons of the past as a guide for moving forward.The Prime Minister’s annual Lecture series continues to spotlight accomplished individuals, exemplifying the diverse talents and expertise within St. Kitts and Nevis. Psyche Southwell’s insightful lecture left an indelible mark on the audience, igniting a spirit of innovation and progress for the future.