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KARACHI  (  Web  News  ) PUBG MOBILE,one of the most popular games, is set to make history with a groundbreaking collaboration with the immensely successful, internationally acclaimed Pakistani blockbuster, “The Legend of MaulaJatt.” This collaboration marks a significant moment for both the gaming and film industries, bringing together two entertainment powerhouses to create an immersive experience for fans. The highlight of this collaboration is the introduction of special features in PUBG MOBILE, like the iconic MaulaJatt character as an in-game skin item. Players will have the thrilling opportunity to step into the shoes of this legendary movie hero, complete with the signature costume, the formidable Gandasa weapon, along with MaulaJatt and NooriNatt’s voice packs, and other exciting elements from “The Legend of MaulaJatt.” MaulaJatt is coming to the battleground of PUBG MOBILE 🪓✨ I PUBG MOBILE Pakistan Official PUBG MOBILE x The Legend of MaulaJatt arriving on December 20 th brings: A fully immersive experience into the set of “The Legend of MaulaJatt”, for a limited time along with the iconic Gandasa weapon. As players wield the trusty Gandasa and don the attire of MaulaJatt himself, they will also have the opportunity to rebate their in-game cash / UC. The gaming experience is further enhanced with the authentic voice packs of MaulaJatt and NooriNatt in Punjabi, bringing the true essence of the cinematic legend into the gaming realm. A one-of-a-kind PUBG MOBILE Influencers livestream, where top-tier influencers interact with players and fans in real-time. The livestream promises an engaging fusion of entertainment and gaming insights, offering participants a chance to experience the game like never before. Since its release last year, “The Legend of MaulaJatt” has become Pakistan’s highest-grossing film, a cinematic masterpiece that has elevated the nation’s film industry to unprecedented heights. Guided by the brilliant director Bilal Lashari, the film’s great success is a testament to his creative prowess, extracting powerful performances by the movie’s stellar cast and delivering an authentic storytelling experience that truly deserves all the universal praise that it has garnered in a short time. The Legend of MaulaJatt continues to attract large audiences to cinemas across the country as audiences can’t get enough of Pakistan’s most iconic rivalry, even more than a year after the film’s release. Bilal Lashari, Writer and Director of “The Legend of MaulaJatt,” shared his excitement about the collaboration, “Bringing MaulaJatt to the world of PUBG MOBILE is a dream come true. This collaboration opens up new avenues for storytelling and engagement, allowing fans to experience MaulaJatt’s world in an interactive and unprecedented way. Get ready for an adventure like never before!” Khawar Naeem, Country Head of PUBG MOBILE in Pakistan, also expressed his enthusiasm, “PUBG MOBILE has always been at the forefront of innovation, and this collaboration with ‘The Legend of MaulaJatt’ is a testament to our commitment to providing unique and immersive experiences. We’re excited to give players the opportunity to step into the shoes of Pakistan’s most iconic HERO, while embracing a deeper cultural connection with their most loved entertainment brand. ” This historic collaboration between PUBG MOBILE and “The Legend of MaulaJatt” is set to redefine the boundaries of entertainment, offering fans a seamless blend of virtual gaming and cinematic magic. Stay tuned for the release, where the battlegrounds come alive with the spirit of MaulaJatt