PVR launches an in-cinema ad innovation

Mumbai: Cinema exhibition company PVR Cinemas has announced its latest innovation in the in-cinema advertising space since its come-back after the pandemic. It has introduced 270-degree on-screen experiential in-cinema advertising for the first time in India to drive higher excitement for brands. Maruti Suzuki has become the first advertiser to use this platform to launch its all-new 2022 Maruti Suzuki Brezza in cinemas. The experiential view of the product is being showcased in select PVR locations in Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, and Bangalore for a week.

This differentiated offering from PVR in collaboration with Xperia Group, an OOH media company, uses 3D Projection Mapping on the side walls, powered by hybrid technological integration. The company explains that projection mapping can actually convert ordinary commercials into highly attention-grabbing commercials and give the content a new life.

PVR CEO Gautam Dutta said, “We are thrilled to partner with one of the finest carmakers in the country and have the chance to showcase their newly launched product in an immersive manner to visiting patrons inside the theatres. Innovation is at the core of PVR, and we are optimistic about offering our customers and advertisers something that is beyond their expectations. We are happy to expand the in-cinema advertising space. We are confident that this innovative method of advertising, which is ideal for product debuts, will help brands make a lasting impression on theatregoers’ emotions. PVR is really looking forward to collaborating with more brands and advertisers to revolutionise in-cinema advertising.”

PVR added that after the pandemic, it has been distinctly unique to break the inertia of inaction in advertising and film promotions. Strong partnerships with movies and brands were forged in the process. After it’s reopening, PVR tied up with leading personal care brand Dettol as a hygiene partner for its customer care programme (PVR Cares). For the first time in the history of world cinema, PVR & SS Rajamouli came together with PVR reimagining its brand identity and logo as ‘PVRRR’ and launch “PVRRR NFT,” iconic digital collectibles of the movie. A shift in the aspirations of customers from value-buying to seeking experience led to the launch of the Kotak PVR Movie Debit Card, India’s first co-branded movie debit card.

PVR has high affinity among young audiences, including a sizeable section of its loyal customers, and PVR chose this differentiated approach to create a youthful and exciting appeal for Brezza customers. Families bond over the shared experience of watching movies, and a utility vehicle purchase is mostly a family decision, hence the experiential advertising works well for the launch of the brand.

Cinema advertising has proven to be an effective medium of advertisement, as it attracts undivided attention from the audience. However, with the impact of the lockdown, the share of in-cinema advertising has declined against traditional forms of media. Introducing what it says is the industry’s first experiential advertising in cinemas, PVR reinforces the fact that it is an uber-effective medium for active advertising and brand engagement. With experiential advertising, PVR is set to offer exposure to in-cinema advertisers and it aims to push the boundaries of on-screen cinema advertising for an immersive experience of the brand.

On and off-screen media at the cinema offer advertisers a unique opportunity that no other medium can match, with cinemagoers spending an average of 15 minutes in and around the theatre. Cinema design and navigation, PVR explains, ensure that audiences enjoy a great experience at every touch point across their cinema journey, starting from the box office till the exit.

Maruti Suzuki is the first advertiser to use this platform to launch its all-new Brezza (2022).