Queensland Government innovation fund backs Global Road Technology’s cutting-edge dust control solution

Queensland headquartered engineering services and solutions company Global Road Technology (GRT) innovative approach to dust control is being backed by the Queensland Governments Ignite Ideas Fund as the business continues to grow its operations.

GRT recently received $100,000 in the Round 9 Ignite Ideas Funding through the Advance Queensland innovation initiative designed to support the state’s businesses undertaking commercialisation projects that will benefit the economy now and into the future. 

This funding is for the purposes of assisting grow awareness for the company’s latest offering, its Australian-made SMART Dosing Unit, an automated dosing system designed to enhance the effectiveness of dust suppression and water management systems on mine sites.

According to GRT CEO Troy Adams, the funding will assist the company build its market presence across the country as it seeks to provide mining companies with a turnkey solution to reducing dust pollution at a time when concerns are growing around lung diseases like silicosis. 

“Our SMART dosing technology is receiving great traction in the mining industry with trials being run on some of the biggest mine sites in Australia as miners look at ways to reduce their carbon footprint and the amount of particulate pollution generated by their activities – both issues that our product an address,” said Mr Adams. 

“Designed and assembled by GRT’s engineers adhering to the company’s ISO 9001 certified quality management system, these Australian-manufactured SMART Dosing Units consist of a central control and satellite communication module utilising Internet of Things (IoT) technology to provide the ability to remotely control and automate product use. As a company we are grateful for the support of the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas initiative as the funding will assist us in accelerating our growth while at the same time assisting the mining industry in protecting workers and becoming more environmentally friendly.” 

This announcement comes at a time of significant growth for GRT an international, engineering technology company that provides innovative products and solutions for the mining, civil, agricultural, resources, land development, and environmental management sectors.

In February, it announced a new partnership with TotalEnergies Marketing Australia, a subsidiary of TotalEnergies SE, to become its exclusive distributor. 

“This partnership will be transformational for GRT,” Mr Adams said.

“This partnership with TotalEnergies Marketing Australia will be transformational for our business and the entire GRT team is looking forward to the opportunity to significantly build our presence within the Australian and international mining services market.”

TotalEnergies will supply a suite of environmentally safe, sustainable and cutting-edge dust suppression products, designed to stabilise soil while stopping the spread of airborne particulate pollution at mine sites. 

GRT is also investing significantly in R&D, digital transformation and innovation to make it a leader in air pollution reduction at a time when the mining industry is looking at ways it can address its environmental impact and provide greater protection for workers. 

As knowledge around the dangers of lung diseases like silicosis grows and awareness is raised around how it can be caused by the types of particulates created when cutting through certain types of rocks during mining activity, GRT is finding itself at the forefront of conversations around worker safety. 

For Troy, GRT’s innovative product suite of dust suppression non-toxic chemical applications twinned with its engineered dosing and application techniques has seen it emerge as a national leader in the development of infrastructure and process solutions for  Australian industry. 

“GRT is well-placed to become an Australian and worldwide industry leader in dust control strategies, particularly in the mining, agricultural, and construction sectors and as a company, we are looking forward to growing our presence over the coming year with a mission to protect workers and lessen the environmental impact mining has on the planet,” said Troy.

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