Raiders RB Bowden: Adaptability Brings Development

In every draft, there is a remarkable, “does-it-all”, energy player. In the 2020 NFL Draft, that player is Lynn Bowden Jr. Bowden started his profession as a wide receiver at Kentucky. Throughout his college career, Bowden began to see representatives at running back before finding himself slotted into a wildcat quarterback position due to Kentucky running out of staying quarterbacks. Now, the Raiders will release his potential.

Consistent Modification

Throughout all of his position changes, Bowden prospered. In his last season, he taped 30 catches in his very first 5 games, on speed for a monstrous season. After the fifth game, nevertheless, Bowden found his number called at quarterback. Bowden would lead Kentucky on a 6-2 stretch while leading the SEC in hurrying lawns.


Bowden looks like an amazing professional athlete suited for the next level. Not only that, but an utility play might be simply what head coach Jon Gruden needs. The Raiders have actually stocked their offense in the draft, adding three pass receivers with their first 4 choices. However, Bowden includes the individuality that Jon Gruden can utilize to his advantage.


Similar to the Raiders signing Trevor Davis a few days prior to their matchup versus the Indianapolis Colts in 2019 to utilize him for a 60-yard goal off a bubble screen, Bowden will end up being a plug-and-play athlete. Unsimilar to Davis, Bowden has actually shown excellent talent at reading holes and discovering gaps.


The Raiders can utilize Bowden for “backyard” style plays, but he likewise has the opportunity to notch some starts. While Gruden will appreciate his athleticism and speed, Bowden can flat out play. He might discover himself getting out of the slot or slotted behind the Raiders’ skilled offensive line as a third-down back. It is quite not likely Gruden will run Bowden out of the wildcat, however with skill like his, anything is a possibility.

RB Depth

Bowden also provides an excellent coupling with increasing star Josh Jacobs. Every workhorse requires a jockey, and the Raiders must take consideration in riding the Jacobs/Bowden combination. The very best part about Bowden is that, like a pawn reaching the other side of the chessboard, he can be utilized anywhere and nevertheless he is needed. He does not need to be molding into particular roles as he is already trained at all skill positions other than tight end. Standing at 6’1″, Bowden would not be entirely written off as a deep alternative on the Raiders’ depth chart. Hopefully, that never ever enters into concern, especially as the Raiders’ tight end space already runs quite deep.

Match Problems

Usually, a running back/wide receiver hybrid will find themselves running slants and other short routes due to absence of size, but this is not the case for Bowden. The perfect scenario would be Bowden coming out of the backfield, developing a prospective speed inequality between him and a possible linebacker safeguarding him. Bowden threatens. The previous Wildcat (ironic, isn’t it?) is too fast for many linebackers and too strong for a lot of cornerbacks. Practically whatever is chosen, other than for how precisely Gruden plans to use him.

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