Raising the bar: 10 European startups boosting innovation in the beverage industry | EU-Startups

Raising the bar: 10 European startups boosting innovation in the beverage industry | EU-Startups

The beverage industry’s historical journey spans millennia, with traces of alcoholic concoctions dating back to about 7000 BCE. Entwined with human history, it has evolved into a realm of ever-evolving mixes, flavours, and preferences. As our world evolved, new avenues of innovation have emerged in this industry as well.

In this article, we delve into the world of 10 European startups that are making waves in the beverage industry. From molecular beer mixing to virtual reality winery tours, these startups are pushing boundaries, challenging conventions, and introducing novel ways for us to savour and enjoy beverages like never before. Each of these startups brings a unique approach to the table, offering consumers and enthusiasts a taste of the future.

From Scotland to Spain, and from blockchain to virtual reality, these startups founded between 2019 and 2023 are bound by their dedication to reimagining what we drink and how we experience it. Join us as we raise a virtual toast to the ingenuity and the exciting possibilities these European startups bring to our glasses.

Bar.onBar.on: Headquartered in Antwerp, Bar.on aims to reshape the beer industry through molecular beer mixing technology. In collaboration with the Verstrepen lab, they have devised a planet-friendly method to capture the authentic flavour and aromatic components of beer, blending them into compact cartridges. Bar.on is in the final stages of refining prototype machines that, when combined with tap water, will enable users to effortlessly recreate any beer with just a few button presses. Established in 2021, Bar.on has secured €1.8 million in funding to further develop this innovative technology.

BEVVYBevvy: Based in Edinburgh, Bevvy is a technology-led whisky discovery platform and marketplace. Their proprietary image-capturing software enables users to scan and identify whisky bottles using any mobile camera. Once scanned, each whisky is accompanied by detailed information such as tasting notes, distillery history, cask number, bottle numbers, and rarity scores. Founded in 2021, Bevvy has secured over €1.4 million in funding, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of each whisky bottle.

CleanCoCleanCo:  Based in London, CleanCo specializes in producing low-calorie and alcohol-free spirits, catering to consumers who want to moderate their alcohol consumption without compromising on taste. Founded in 2019, CleanCo offers a range of alternatives to whiskey, tequila, gin, and rum. With an impressive funding amount of over €10.6 million, CleanCo is committed to providing delightful beverage options that embrace a mindful approach to drinking.

CruratedCrurated: Headquartered in London, Crurated leverages blockchain technology to operate a marketplace for NFT wine, ensuring the authenticity and ownership history of each bottle. Founded in 2021, Crurated has been able to secure  €10.4 million aiming to create a new wine community that celebrates every bottle, bridging the gap between wine collectors and their favourite producers, and making bottles more accessible.

MIXOMixo: Headquartered in Barcelona, Mixo aims to revolutionize nightclubs and festivals’ bar services introducing a stylish self-service machine that expertly mixes alcoholic and soft drinks. Founded in 2021, They have been able to secure €500K reducing waiting lines and costs of personnel, leading to an improved customer experience while helping owners to boost sales, and to increase the event’s profitability in a safer environment.

Pentire-DrinksPentire Drinks: Based in Wadebridge, Pentire Drinks by Alistair Frost specializes in crafting botanical non-alcoholic spirits made by distilling unique plants native to the Cornish Coastline. Pentire Drinks offers a healthier choice for those who want to enjoy the flavours of the coast and everyday adventures. Founded in 2019, they have secured over €3.5 million in funding continuing their dedication to creating unique flavours.

REBELS-0.0REBELS 0.0%: Based in Zurich, REBELS 0.0 %’s mission is to celebrate the freedom of choice by creating truly alcohol-free spirits. Thanks to their unique double distilling process they are able to bring out the typical & complex flavours found in the beverages, even without the alcohol. Founded in 2020 with a funding amount of over €1 million, REBELS 0.0% provides alternatives for Gin, Rum, Aperitif, Spritz, and Amaretto.

Second-winerySecond Winery: Headquartered in London, Second Winery serves as a virtual reality digital realm, featuring some of the world’s finest wineries with the intention of captivating millennials, GenZ, and wine enthusiasts alike. Second Winery offers an immersive wine experience through high-definition 3D digital replicas of renowned wineries. Founded in 2022 with funding of  €300K, Second Winery aims to transform the way people learn about and appreciate wine.

SpiritradeSpiritrade: Based in London, Spiritrade is an online trading platform designed to cater specifically to industry experts operating within the beverages sector. With a focus on security and efficiency, Spiritrade serves as a reliable conduit for brand owners, distributors, and traders, affording them access to a secure and automated trading environment that ensures seamless and effective transactions. Founded in 2019, Spiritrade has secured more than €2.7 million in funding, supporting their mission, and maintaining complete anonymity for their users. 

VinidailyVinidaily: Established in Paris in 2021, Vinidaily is a mobile application designed to assist users in selecting wines tailored to their preferences and needs.  While the app creates personalized taste profiles according to each user it also offers the ability to match wines with specific occasions, preferences, and food menus by capturing images of the available wines. Founded in 2021 Vinidaily has secured €650K in funding to keep helping users choose the perfect wine for any occasion.  

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